Sunday, October 24, 2004

Friday Fun With "Friends" Part Dos or Surprise! El Cubano

El Cubano called me when I was stuffing my face with cereal. I blew him off not out of maldad but because I was hungry and wanted to eat before my afternoon rush of students began.
"I'll call you back," I told him. Besides he's in Cali. and working.
A few hours later he calls me. I have the MapucheRican in the shower.
" So much for calling me back," he complains nastily. I have to defend myself so I tell him that I was working and taking care of my daughter.
"Want to hang out?" he asks.
"Sure, are you coming to NY anytime soon or are you going to send me a ticket to go and see you?" I tease.
"I'm here. I'll be at your place in an hour." and he hangs up.

Shit. I was doing laundry and in some ratty sweatpants. I quickly change into a pair of jeans that make my ass look nice and a decent shirt( a new pink and grey number, very cute).

For those of you that don't know, El Cubano is another one of my exes. He's the other latino who left NY for Los Angeles. Our relationship went on and off for two years, climaxing at a New Year's Eve party at his father's house where el Cubano confessed that the entire time we dated I was the other woman to his long time girlfriend.
Somehow we managed to remain friends maybe because I understand his Bi-Polar head and he understand my BPD head.

when he appeared on my doorstep, he looked a little heavier (he said I did too!!!)and he had more grey in his hair. He hadn't eaten and he was broke so we went out, rented a movie, bought a bottle of my favorite Chilean red, and got some Indian food. I told him about el Boliviano's show out in Brooklyn but el Cubano wasn't up for it, being quite on the manic side of the spectrum and telling me a million things.
We flirted and kissed like an old couple.
"If we had kids together those kids would be brilliant and charismatic but so fucked up in the head like us," he told me in the video store.
El Cubano has a thing for talking about kids. The first time we slept together, he told me he wanted me to get pregnant. I don't think I have ever jumped off a cock faster.

The thing is el Cubano is great with kids. The MapucheRican loves him to death and vice versa. She drew him pictures, asking him not to go back to Hollywood.
I served him food (I never serve food!!!) and he told me about being happy in Cali. and finally coming to terms with his being bi-polar. After the MapucheRican went to bed we watched the House of Sand and Fog which was enough to make even a sane person want to slit their wrists, so imagine how el Cubano and I handled it!!!

I let him crash at my place. I let him have my bed and I slept in the living room. I forgot how loud el Cubano snored. Thankfully my sister, mother, and the mapucheRican all snore as well.

el Cubano left Saturday morning with promises of seeing me again before he left. I kissed him goodbye and am not holding my breath.


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