Saturday, October 23, 2004

Friday Fun with "Friends" part uno

The original plan was for the filmmaker to come into Queens early. I would make breakfast and we would fuck all day in my empty apartment. Too bad that when I returned from dropping off the MapucheRican my sister was still in bed, singing a song about taking a "sick day". I ran to the phone on my way to the shower to break the news and see if any portion of the day could be repaired. Half an hour later I ended up on a subway uptown.

Once in West Harlem, I had lost my appetite, at least the one I had for food and we finally had sex. You see the filmmaker and I have been "talking" since the summer. "seeing" each other for about two months. We flirt and kiss and grope and now finally are lovers. Well he, like most artsy men , especially arty Latino men, would never say the word lover. According to the filmmaker, it is all based in friendship. Hmm ok. It's not an issue I am hugely stressing (I'm trying to avoid the attachment issues I have) but I just find it interesting how men love to throw around the word "friend" when referring to all sorts of different relationships and then passing judgments on other "friendships".

My best girl , la Fea, is my best friend. We share everything, eventually. And I don't mean sexually. We dance sexy with each other and she has drunkenly groped me once, and she's seen me naked. Hell we fucking pee in front of each other but we don't fuck or kiss. Ok that could easily be blamed on heterosexuality, since la fea is strictly straight. I'm a little less strictly straight but she is my friend, true and true complete with fights and silent treatment and late night visits to bitch and cry and hospital trips and bail out calls during dates.

It's always the brilliant creative types who hide beyond the friend label. Maybe their heads are too busy creating movies or music or novels to commit to anything beyond having their other heads in our mouths. Maybe it's pure fear.

So my filmmaker friend and I had a wonderful naked day on Friday. and maybe it was the post sex glow that helped me score a phone number from a hot Latino papi, literally he's a father, outside my daughter's school at dismissal (now he is definitely "friend" material, doesn't strike me as a huge intellectual.

The filmmaker called me later that night, and sad to say I kind of blew him off because I had a surprise guest. The filmmaker has mentioned something about stopping by to watch a film but he hasn't called.



Blogger Fea said...

funny how i don't remember the drunken gropping... surprise surprise???

10/25/2004 10:38:00 AM  

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