Friday, October 08, 2004

I'm With the Band

The Boliviano called me yesterday, apparently not remembering much that happened the night before (why am I surrounded by drinkers who don't remember their antics???). When I told him , he apologized and asked me if I wanted to try his band out and vice versa. So after my last student of the evening I cabbed it to a rehersal in a stereotypical smoke filled studio. The band didn't know what to make of me. I was wearing a hideous very teacher-like sweater and my glasses. Their music is pretty hardcore but I can adjust right? I did some vocalizations and singing with the band of Latino rockeros. I wasn't sure how it all went (I still have to listen to the tape) but it went well enough that the band members checked with me to see if I could make a Sunday rehersal. So I can now say I'm with the band, and not in a groupie sort of way. There are upcoming gigs at la Kueva, some place in Brooklyn, and Oveja. Yes Oveja. (I am going to turn into a teenager here for a sec so excuse me) How fucking cool is it that I am going to be on stage at la Oveja Negra???!!!!! Ay like I need more things like shows and rehersals to fit into my schedule but hey just another adventure for la Mala no? I think I'm gonna need earplugs for rehersals and um tips on protecting my voice with all the screaming/singing I'm gonna be doing.

I think I made it super clear to the Boliviano that I didn't want anything beyond friendship and a working relationship with him. La Fea has a band man interested in her and let me tell you, these rockeros are intense and sensitive and well I'm feeling intense but well sensitive to my needs and wants. So mush so that I pushed the Boliviano on using the filmmaker hottie to get some clips of the band. The Boliviano as a good faith sign, took me for an innocent beer where we discussed band business and I ended up singing on stage in a little Irish bar.

Next project: the filmmaker


Blogger Fea said...

Hehe... well u must carry some water in ur bag para que tomen los borrachitos de tu vida para que se acuerden. ay no se que hacer with the ecuarockero... i'm diggin him.. but he's way too INTENSE!!!
i'm soooo jealous of u being on stage at oveja!!! arg

10/08/2004 02:05:00 PM  

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