Thursday, October 07, 2004

Labeling Myself

"Don't be like your mother," the Principal of the MapucheRican's school told my daughter last night after a workshop I attended in the school. Certainly she couldn't want my daughter not to be an active participant in her community the way I am. Did she not want my daughter to be smart? Maybe she meant that the MapucheRican shouldn't be political, or an artist. I certainly don't want my daughter to do certain things I did, like become a single mother at age 19 and sleep with as many people as I have. But that's not what the Principal meant. Apparently, the Principal disapproved of my bright reddish-pink hair color. Yeah. That's a big concern. Sigh

Last night's performance at D'Antigua was a smashing success, with the labeling incident not going as smoothly as I would have liked but brilliant none the less.
Everyone was forgiving of la Fea's drunken antics last week and in fact she got free drinks not just from the waiter at D'Antigua but from an Ecua musician.

Remember how yesterday, just the thought of a room full of ex lovers and love interests watching me perform got me wet? Well I take it back. Most people who said they were going to come didn't. I've given up on the idea of the misfit ever coming to see a show of mine which sucks not because he's my ex but because as a fellow writer, I was looking forward to his opinion. A boy from MySpace (not a lust interest) surprised me by showing up , which was just lovely and sweet. The Bolivian musician who has the hots for me was there as was the filmmaker (who is the person I most wanted there, besides my assistant and girl la Fea). Now the Bolivian was all asking if the filmmaker was his competition and I was like um no because this is not a competition (and besides if anyone is gonna get into my fishnets it's gonna be the filmmaker). I could have just eaten the trigeno filmmaker up last night and if we weren't in such a public place I would have. Ay but the Boliviano kept pulling me away, using the excuse of the rock Latino news piece I'm working on and the fact that after hearing me sing he wants me to sing with his band (ooooh how exciting would that be, me on stage, at la Oveja?????) But I can only imagine what it looked like to the filmmaker. I actually told the filmmaker last night, " Haven't you noticed that we talk about everything but our obvious attraction to each other,". He gave me the typical Latino artist response, that he's rather just let things be but that we could talk about it if I really wanted to. I may have to forgo going to la Kueva this weekend in favor of hanging with the filmmaker. Wow could he be someone that I really maybe could possibly like to date?

The night ended strangely when the Boliviano put me in cab and then gave the driver the address of his place. I was like, " nope, that is not happening," He begged and pleaded and demanded but that wasn't my destiny and I was firm on that. I probably won't be singing on stage at la Oveja anytime soon but that's ok. I think right now I'd rather be making movies;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's up with this "don't be like your mother?" business??

Glad the performance went well. Maybe I'll actually make it to one some day.


10/07/2004 05:10:00 PM  
Blogger secretsubscriber said...

Sorry I missed your show.
There are worse things than bright reddish-pink hair. Like piercings, tattoos and long, unkempt, curly hair.


10/08/2004 01:20:00 PM  
Blogger claudia said...

que pendejo, that principal. even if he personally disapproves of pink hair (can we see a pic, btw?), it's totally unprofessional to say that.
and oh, i want to hear more about those boys. i'm happily and boringly partnered and miss the picking up, so i gotta live through others (' blogs).
love, Yunape

10/08/2004 02:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF is up with that principal? There are more important things for educators to worry about besides hair color. And what's wrong with a few tattoos (she says defensively, having five herself). If they're going to school to learn and doing it, so let them be.


10/11/2004 07:40:00 PM  

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