Monday, October 25, 2004

Mi Hija, Art Historian

Sabado, after el Cubano had left, la MapucheRican and I headed into Manhattan. After trying to navigate the weekend subway schedule, we ended up walking past my high school and up Madison Avenue. She loved looking into all the fancy shop windows. And I must admit I felt a twinge of anger at not being born wealthy. We stopped at the Whitney Museum where they were having their annual Family Day. This meant the MapucheRican and I got in for free.
The MapucheRican made a collage, got a balloon animal, and walked through the galleries.
I am constantly and consistently impressed with my hijita and reminded at times that I must be doing something right in terms of raising her. As soon as we walked into the Romare Bearden exhibit , my daughter goes, "Bearden. I recognize some of his stuff from the MOMA," then she proceeded to sketch using a brilliant guide the museum put together for the children. We participated in a mini art tour. Most striking was watching the MapucheRican's reaction to a piece on slavery and the Amistad revolt. She drew a storyboard based on Captivity and Resistance , but telling the story of Colon's arrival to the Caribbean. The MapucheRican visualizes slavery as literally a "people store". I have to find images/drawings of the slave markets in the Caribbean and the US to give her a more realistic vision.
I was disturbed however, watching other families of color approach this work particularly. When children would ask why the person was in chains, I heard more than one parent move their child away quickly, hushing them. Hmmm.

Next week I'm probably going to try and hit the Met to see the Inca exhibit.

And why oh why has my local Dunkin Doughnuts closed?!!! I want hazelnut coffee damnit!!!!


Blogger Fea said...

oooo i wanna go to the inca thingy.... let me know when u are going, si?

10/25/2004 10:36:00 AM  

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