Saturday, October 16, 2004

Rockera Reportera

I am running quite behind on my blogging. My apologies to those who have been awaiting updates and yeah even to those who just want to read what I write and then talk shit about me.

Thursday night I was off to la Kueva to listen to the Boliviano's band and interview them and get some sound for the radio pilot I'm helping put together.

There were many people I knew there and I met quite a few other people. One thing I have been realizing is how "cliquey" the whole scene is at la Kueva. People are always asking who you came with and how often you hang out at the place and when you do go who do you hang out with and if you used to hang out at the old Kueva and how come they've never noticed you before (probably because many are stuck in their own little universe). It really is quite off putting and is ripe for bochinche and drama, something I try (although unsuccessfully) to avoid.

I got a good interviews with the band members, who were all very gracious, and got some great sound of the show, which sadly was populated by people who knew the band members personally. It was pretty empty and that didn't have to be the case.

I was invited attend and perform my poetry at a big Halloween party out on Long Island.

El Boliviano didn't pay much mind to me until the end, when we left together to go to another bar for some quiet drinks or what I thought would be quiet drinks.

It's funny. Usually I get into trouble for blogging about people, well el Boliviano "found" my blog and was angry with me because I didn't write about him. He said some pretty terrible things to me , assumptions really and upset me substantially. I angrily left him.

Now I made a decision not to blog about him, because I didn't want to create more bochinche and drama. I guess in this internet world people want all or nothing. Maybe it's like the difference between a topless club and an all nude one, no se.

All I will say is that my time is precious. I don't have a lot of it , so if I choose to spend it with another person, it is because I want to, because I enjoy that other person, regardless of whether it gets blogged about or not.


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