Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Se Me Olvido Otra Ves

In typical Mala y Fea style, we went to la Kueva on Saturday night. Fea was excited about seeing a bartender she has the hots for and me , well I was just looking forward to getting to know more people on the scene especially now that I have to produce a radio news piece on the Latin rock scene in NYC. I could accurately say that drinking glasses of vino tinto and shaking my ass was research.

The problem with la Kueva is that it lacks beautiful men. It seems like there is a BYOB policy (Bring your own Boy). But I still chatted it up and flirted it up with plenty especially people who know me from my performances at las Tertulias of D'Antiguas.

The second problem with la Kueva is the live bands that play. Bandera, the band on Sabado was generally awful according to the groans I heard throughout.

La Fea's problem with the Kueva was that she was so infatuated with the Ecuadorian bartender that she kept ordering more and more glasses of wine. Usually she's ok with the wine consumption. But as the lights went up at the club to signify that the party over, it became clear that la fea had her own party still happening inside her drunken head.

She slipped back inside the club to pee and I waited outside smoking a cigarette and talking. When la Fea took an extraordinary long time to return I went in to fetch her (maybe she fell in the toilet?) Alas it probably would have been better if she had. There she was at the bar, slurring to her bartender while a small group of bouncers and other staff were trying to get her to leave. I was able to lead her out but not without getting yelled at by her.

Thank god for two lovely gentleman whom are part of the scene. They drove a ranting fea all the way home (she lives far into Queens!!) How drink was she? Well she tried to light her earphones thinking they were cigarettes. She tried to open her door at home with the key chain instead of with the key and well I just couldn't understand what she was saying at points.

Of course she doesn't remember what happened. And as much as I love my girl, her drunken antics which began when she started dating that jerk off of an Ecua she met at Oveja, are getting to me. I don't want to feel like I have to play babysitter when I go out. I mean isn't that why I go out so I don't have to take care of someone? I told her that from now on when we go out I'm going to have to control her consumption levels by holding on to her money but the problem is deeper than that and complicated on various levels.

A, the filmmaker, and I had joked on the phone earlier that night that we should hang out. But he had to film some stuff for a movie he's working on and I had plans with la Fea. Well he ended up being detained by the police and I, well you already read.

La Fea and I will see many of the peeps from la Kueva at the tertulia tomorrow night. She's understandably embarrassed. I told her just apologize and move on.

Yes that's right tomorrow night. Come see me literally label myself and other poetic antics at:
84-16 Northern Blvd., Queens
Jackson Heights
9:30 ish


Blogger Fea said...

ay.. u know i can't just move on.. it's not fea style. but i will apologize to the people tomorrow and hopefully they don't deem me a loser...
pero u are right. it's not fair that u have to babysit me. perdoname hermana. there is so much that i can blame that asshole for but this is my fault.. and i'm taking responsibility for it. disculpame.

10/05/2004 09:36:00 AM  
Blogger Poetik_soul said...

Im with blaming the midget! Those drunk fools elevated her desier to soak in suds in order to have a good time, it took me years to realize that I did not have to drown my self in liq's to have a good time!

10/07/2004 09:31:00 AM  

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