Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Sleeping Pool

On Friday la Fea was exhausted from la Oreja de Van Gogh concert and I was exhausted from la Kueva and fighting with the Boliviano but there was no rest for la Mala. I had to finish a master's thesis assignment so that I could get paid. I needed to run to Target to buy a Red Eyed Black Dragon toy for a birthday party I had to take the MapucheRican to later. I had to then run to the school to get any last minute submissions and ad copy for the school newsletter so that I could put that to bed.

The Boliviano called to apologize and ay no se, he says he wants us to be "just friends" y despues he asks me to send him erotic emails...yeah cuz I do that with all my friends. No se si es a mid-life crisis or que but talk about mixed messages(which he says I give him!!). We agreed to meet for lunch or something during the next week. I have to ask him if he still wants me to see the band play in Brooklyn. I'll worry about the Halloween party after that.

Speaking of what should I be for Halloween???!!!! I could just recycle my dominatrix dress unless I get a really creative suggestion. I may actually have plans for Halloween!!! Wow!!!!

Anyway so I picked the MapucheRican up, ran home to grab the gift then met the grandmother of a classmate so we could take a cab together to the party place. It was at the very popular Ooba Dooba Funhouse. It used to be a Discovery Zone and I think I have been there a half a dozen times this year already for birthday parties. It could be worse. The place doesn't smell like feet and they always let me play laser tag with the kids. The birthday boy is a Korean classmate that my daughter has the only crush on by her own admission.

The parents were well fed with regulation pizza but sadly they made us dance with the kids ( I was so tired like I really want to freaking dance the twist or freeze dance). I did play laser tag (the only dorky adult to do so) but even with me on the team, the green team lost, probably because I was too busy giggling with two other moms at the fact that the host mami was wearing some sort of makeup that under the black light looked like a white mask.

Then came the obligatory arcade time which means wasting tokens to earn tickets to trade in for some plastic garbage. The MapucheRican has accumulated 290 tickets so far in two birthday parties. I think she's saving up to 1000 so she can get the lava lamp.

Finally at home , I put the MapucheRican to bed and greeted the filmmaker. He brought popcorn and two films. Since my mom and sis were with us I chose the least pornographic of the two, The Swimming Pool. It was way too slow ( I fell asleep) and way too predictable. I think the best part was the scene at the back door of my building, exchanging wonderful, passionate kisses with the filmmaker. I want to redo that scene, over and over.


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you're a brave woman to go to those arcade parties!

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