Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sordid Paintings

Monday was dia de la conquista better known off our calendars as Columbus Day and known by many as Dia de la Raza. I was supposed to have students so my mother took the MapucheRican into the city to buy her a Halloween costume. When my students called to cancel, I decided to take advantage of my few hours of freedom and heard over to PS 1.

I had been wanting to go to PS 1 since the summer when they had their warm up series. I did manage to go once with my daughter but let's face it, there are some exhibits in PS 1 which aren't appropriate for kids, even my cosmopolitan MapucheRican who favors the word pussy. Of course in my excitement I failed to look up the fact that most of the exhibits I wanted to see were closed and that the museum was in the midst of installing new exhibits.

I did enjoy a retrospective of stuff my Manny Farber. There were paintings with words on them like "No Cock, No Kiss" (hmmmmm how true) and "Sordid". I like the idea of mixing words into painting. Not that I am much of a painter (it is still something I want to try). Some reading would say I am not much of a writer either (middle finger to all of you).

I also enjoyed a sound installation by Maja Bajevic which meant entering into a room with 30 sound systems spread out over the floor. Motion detectors would set the stereos off and they would begin playing nationalistic songs from 30 different countries/cultures. I leaned in to try and recognize the individual anthems (I only could identify the Spanish national anthem) and then stepped back to listen to the beautiful yet disturbing mix of all songs playing at the same time.

I took the 7 train home (taking advantage of a free transfer since I took the V to arrive--two dollars round trip, not bad). I took a student in the evening and made my mother return an 85 dollar Halloween costume(that's a bit much for an outfit the MapucheRican is going to wear once). We agreed on a less expensive Sleeping Beauty costume.

Yes the MapucheRican is gonna be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween, and the Disney version to boot (gag). She even is going to wear a horrible blonde wig. I guess as long as she's happy right?

I have no plans for Halloween but I want some . Any suggestions on what I should be? Ok any one who is saying I should be a bitch for Halloween.....fuck you. ha ha ha.


Blogger Fea said...

actually mami... yesterday was el dia de la conquista... but i know what u mean anyways.. i can't wait to see the girlchild in a blond wig.. haha
un besote

10/13/2004 10:43:00 AM  
Blogger Eunseong said...

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10/13/2004 12:21:00 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had no idea there was a manny farber show at cool..i'm going to check it if its still there...

personal music from flog...

10/15/2004 09:42:00 AM  

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