Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Take me Out to the ballgame and random stuff

After a long Saturday night I took the MapucheRican to see a baseball game. We got $2 tix from the school so the price couldn't be beat. I made sure we ate before we got there so I wouldn't have to spend insane amounts of money on stadium food. Many of the MapucheRican's schoolmates and teachers were there which was actually really nice. But also kind of scary. One classmate of my daughter spent the whole game with her ass literally hanging out and screaming at her mother. Apparently she has some hyperactivity issues but it was enough to try my patience.

Did I mention there is a raccoon in my hood. A female raccoon and her two babies have taken refuge in a tree by my apartment building. They don't seem to be bothering anyone and the MapucheRican gets a kick of seeing the striped tail hanging out of the hole in the tree.

It's official, I am poor. How do I know. Well this year the MapucheRican qualifies for free breakfast and lunch from the school. My mother ,shocked and embarrassed that her daughter and grandchild were being deemed needy by the school system, insisted that I inquire how this determination was made (um based on the form they make me fill out every year). My sister thinks it's because I am active on the Parents' Association. Hey free is always good I think.

Tonight originally I expected a crew of friends, ex-lovers, boys I've kissed , etc to come to my show. I admit I get some sick twisted pleasure of having men who at some point in their lives loved me, wanted me, etc, all in one room together, especially if I am performing something about my relationship with them . But alas my guest list is dwindling. I think the misfit is still scared of being in the same room with me. Others have excuses like because they are white they are afraid of coming into a "Latino" setting.'s gonna rock....come and see me:

Tonight Wends./Miercoles, October 6
84-16 Northern Blvd. (Corner of 84/85 St.)
Jackson Heights, Queens
I'll be arriving at about 9-9:30 ish


Blogger Poetik_soul said...

How did it go for you? And I get that same pleassure of having multiple women I know have either wanted something of me, or were with me at one point chilling! It reminds me how detached I can be at times! There are multiple sides to every person and I like that side of my personality the best!

10/07/2004 09:25:00 AM  

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