Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yes yes I stole the word from la Fea. Excuse me if I'm running on little sleep.

Last night was the Fusion Atomica Tertulia at D'Antigua and was it full of fun, wine, flirting, kissing, laughter, with a dash of "ewwwww" thrown in.

El poeta lindo was there and we sat at the bar for a while watching the Yankees get their asses kicked. I chatted it up with the bartender as he served me. It was emptier than other tertulias maybe because of the cold or the baseball game. La fea arrived late because of usual work drama but the whole this started late so it was no big deal.

The filmmaker arrived just before I went on so that made me happy. Sadly he didn't get to hang around that long because today he has a job interview. My performance was eh but at least I wasn't on stage giving my applause to Jesus, as in the son of god (not someone's primo cuz I know I got a cousin Jesus) as one chica who performed did.

El Boliviano showed up with two of his band mates. El Boliviano , who stumbled, well I'm sure actually went looking this blog, doesn't like being called el Boliviano. For this entry shall I name him the player for trying to play la fea and I off each other? He's all flirty and kissy with me and defensively asking my about my "boyfriend" (the filmmaker-who is not my boyfriend) and asking me to go to his house before his show on Friday. Then he's so flirty with la fea that a mutual chica friend told la fea emphatically that El Boliviano and her were only friends, as if to say, you can mess with him. When El Boliviano/Player leaves he says to la Fea, " I want both of you," Um that was an ewww moment.

Another highlight was watching two women fall all over themselves and cockblock each other over el poeta lindo. La hostess of the tertulia and another poet friend surrounded him when the show was over and battled it out for his attention.

La Fea, besides getting attention from El Boliviano was getting attention from a geeky hot waiter and a bartender from another spot we hang at.

I stumbled home at 5 am and woke up at 10 to 8. Pobre de la MapucheRican who had to dressed and hustled off to school in a rush so she wouldn't be late. Then my phone rings, it's El Boliviano, telling me to meet him before the show tomorrow. He also began to invite me over but I declined before he could get all the words out of his mouth. Funny how then minutes later he calls la Fea to um, yes, invite her over!!!!

The thing with el Boliviano is not that he's this physically hot person but he has a charming personality and is super intelligent in a well rounded way. There aren't enough men in the world who are like that. But then he does nasty, strange shit , like flirting with me y la Fea (does he think we don't talk??? Carajo we talk about everything!!!) And he does and says stranger shit when he's drinking and of course he dismisses it the morning after saying he can't remember or he was joking. Latino musicians...they are sexy but trouble trouble trouble.


Blogger MedicineWoman9 said...

Okay, so alcohol only gives you the excuse to do what you would have done anyway. I concur "ewwwwwwww" what is his freak problem?

10/21/2004 08:48:00 PM  

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