Friday, November 05, 2004

El Cubano's Last Day

I apologize for the backlog and days without updates, not that anyone out there is waiting anxiously or losing sleep thinking, " hmmmm what is la Mala up to?". El Cubano took up so much of my time , then Halloween. I've been swamped with work and writing, then the elections came and went and fucked up my head big time. To top it off I have a horrible cold/flu thing happening with a disgusting cough and my body feeling like it's been beaten up.

Last Saturday the MapucheRican and I woke up in el Cubano's father's house in Nassau county. Despite having to pack and a million other things, he insisted on making us his famous French Toast. This involved him running off to the supermarket to get maple syrup, the MapucheRican and I missing an early ride back home, and el Cubano having a fit of rage when he realized the white bread that his father had was Italian style with little seeds. But the French Toast was delicious.

Then El Cubano proceeded to invite his Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother over so that he could say goodbye to them before he left that afternoon. He also had made plans to meet with his mother for a short while. How he planned to pull this off was beyond me but he said he had it all worked out. Hell we even got to fit in some goodbye sex.

While he showered I tidied up the house for the guests. His Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother arrived. I knew his Aunt and Uncle already, in fact I was best friends in 7th and 8th grade with their daughter. El Cubano had to leave his guests to meet his mother. When he returned an hour later, we had some time for some political discussion, which I mostly stayed out of since it turns out that el Cubano's family is entirely pro-Bush (puke).

Then the rush began. El Cubano began packing and arguing with everyone in the house. It became obvious that I would be accompanying him to the airport. The highlight had to be when he called me into the room he had been staying in and he told me to bring my pocketbook. I meet him in the room and he hands me a tanga telling me his father found them. Problem was that they weren't my underwear. Turns out they were his sisters and had been hidden in the room for god knows how long. I made el Cubano tell his father that they were not mine.

Finally we were off to the airport. El Cubano wanted to make a stop at a bookstore to return some things first. I was a human pillow in the backseat of the car with the MapucheRican asleep on one side and el Cubano on the other.

Once at the airport, el Cubano left me his cap and we kissed goodbye. I told him I loved him , he said he did too. It wasn't a big huge dramatic deal though.

Once back in the car and on my way home, el Cubano's father, stepmother, and I all let out a sigh of relief. Then I had a very revealing conversation with el Cubano's father about el Cubano and the root of his behavior. We exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch, something I wanted to do anyway just in case el Cubano drops from sight as he sometimes does.

I'm sad that he is gone but amazingly not depressed. I have spoken to him a few times already since he left and we've had some good conversations. I want to go out there to visit him if I can scrounge up enough money I will. But he will be back for the Christmas holiday , so I will probably see him then.


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