Saturday, November 06, 2004

Election Day

The MapucheRican was excited. Not only did she get to go vote with me but she went to go vote with my sister too. Pobrecita didn't want to go to sleep until she knew the election results. I didn't either and I last until 3 am thanks to some of my mama friends from across the country. We had a drunken election watch chat happening. I also spoke to el Cubano late that night and we had a heavy conversation about how back in the day when we were dated how I never felt threatened by his aggression but rather was embarrassed of his displays. Now I sort of take it all in stride.

What I didn't take in stride were the election results. I don't understand how Kerry could concede without all the votes being counted and without the allegations of fraud being investigated. his, in my view, premature concession, shows what the fuck is wrong with the dems, they are weak. Now mira, I'm no democrat, I am far to radical to be a liberal and kerry is just another rich white man in power but he wasn't Bush.

What really has me pissed is the number of Latino voters who chose Bush because of his morality (like his position on abortion and gay marriage) and um yeah because war is so fucking moral too huh? To me it was the equivalent of selling your own children down the river to secure your own ass.

I wasn't gonna perform at the Wends. tertulia because I was so sick but I was so angry that I threw together a little something calling out all the latinos besando culo gringo. It was very well received but also criticized mostly b/c it was misunderstood. I attacked the use of Jesus my politicians not Jesus but people are all sensitive about that shit. I was also called an ungrateful American for not being thankful for all I have here. I admit I have a love/hate complicated relationship with the United States. Guess what? It's called what it feels like to be a colonial subject, living between borders etc. Deal. I do.


Blogger MadMuse said...

Your blog left me enthralled for several hours. You write well, but I'm sure I'm not the first one to tell you that. Are you writing a book? If you're not, then you should. Really! I can't stop reading...

11/06/2004 11:11:00 AM  

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