Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Locos y Putas

I'm behind in my blogging, so apologies.

Have you voted today? Please do if you haven't. If you have, good for you!!! Now the waiting begins.

Now on Friday night, while I was out in Bay Shore having dinner with El Cubano and his family, la Fea went to la Oveja to see el Boliviano's band play. I heard the band played wonderfully.

La Fea felt quite torn between el Boliviano and her EcuaRockero she's digging on, despite the fact that she told el Boliviano that they could only be friends.

Well el Boliviano flipped out on her, calling her on her cell over and over, calling her of all things the whore of la kueva and saying her rep there was shot. Hate to say it but I told her so. Yes yes it was a certain twinge of jealousy that motivated my walking out on the two of them making out last week but also he's flipped out on me before (and yes for clarification purposes, I did have sex with el Boliviano, and boy do I regret that!!!). He, like most artists, is slightly um shall we say mentally unbalanced. and I'm being generous. I could just say he's an asshole.

By the way have you voted yet????


Blogger engulfed111 said...

ok its official, you guys are complicated, I have being following your journal from the begining of this month. And actually found your old jounal www.mamimala.blogspot.com . Now from reading your journal u kind of had el boliviano on blast from the first day and then the was the u joining the band. I thought u despised him I mean despised is a harsh word. But I really thought from your writing that you could see right through him. hehehe I guess this makes it better than soaps .
But kind of a word of advice for you and your friend la fea, its never worth going with a guy one of the other went with as no matter how much it really seems harmless it causes jealousy and can break friendship.

11/02/2004 09:30:00 PM  
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