Saturday, November 20, 2004


I have returned back to the east coast, a day later than originally planned, well because I just couldn't bring myself to leave the West Coast and el Cubano on Thursday morning as planned.

I arrived last night, and el Cubano's dad drove me home. Already el Cubano has me planning my next trip out there (looks like Christmas) and this time la MapucheRican will be joining me. The trip solidified my relationship with el Cubano as more than a passing fling although what more still is confusing. He says he doesn't want a long distance relationship, but gave me permission to date other people here in NY (huh???)He says he's on a journey of figuring things out and he's unsure where I fit into that yet as we drove through parts of LA he asked me what I thought the MapucheRican would think about going to school out there. Every conversation has been filled with I Love You's , and those conversations continue. Can you see why I'm confused?????

Ay where to begin about my trip...How about from the beginning . I got my period while waiting to board the plane at Islip (yes el Cubano had me fly out at one of the furthest airports from my house). That pissed me off. So I was feeling gross the whole plane ride to Phoenix. It didn't help that I got stuck sitting next to the fucking chattiest woman who kept insisting that I was going to get married in Vegas. When I finally arrived in Phoenix, I called el Cubano telling him that I would be arriving on time. He responds telling me he's all stressed out because he was suspended from his job at the luxury car dealership where he works because he did something (I told him not to tell me what, to just let me get to LA first) and that he could lose his job. A trip that I was excited about had the potential of turning into a disaster based completely on el Cubano's mood (damn maybe this is good for maybe dealing with mood swings like this gives me an idea of what it's like to date me!!!! ha ha)

I arrived in Burbank to find el Cubano waiting for me all smiles. We drove around a bit where he showed me all the beautiful houses and the view of the city from the many hills of Los Angeles. We went to the supermarket, where we bought some things for the dinner he was going to cook for me. At his very messy apartment, he cooked me a welcome dinner of lobster, shrimp, scallops, and crab legs. He gave me a massage and we had great sex (apparently el cubano wasn't going to let a little blood stop him). We also had a big argument about him being in Los Angeles and his self destructive behavior.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

finally! i can't wait to hear all the details, i was waiting for you!

11/20/2004 05:11:00 PM  

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