Sunday, November 07, 2004

Who Knew Trip Planning Could be so Hard?

It's been so long since I've been anywhere that I forgot all the work that goes into planning a trip. What makes this trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas so much more stressful is that it is all happening at the last minute and I am scrambling from finding flights that fit with el Cubano's work schedule (so he can pick me up and take me to the airport), making sure I bust my ass working so I have enough money when I'm out there, and most importantly having the arrangements for the MapucheRican all set tight.

I haven't been on a vacation without my daughter , since before I gave birth to her. I imagine I will miss her like crazy but it is ok to be totally delighted with the idea of having days of me time, of cheesy sightseeing, and lots of great sex.

I am ignoring the meaning of this trip. I am ignoring that fact that el Cubano calls me everyday at least once. I am ignoring the attention and not paying attention and not getting attached. Everyone else, including my family is reading into the meaning of this trip and I refuse to. I can't wrap my brain around it .

I am worried about el Cubano's moods and living with them for a few days in a row in a place where I am pretty much dependent on him .

But I'm also incredibly excited and happy and damnit if I could just stop coughing.
Anything I absolutely must see while in the Los Angeles area???


Blogger MadMuse said...

Well, you can hit the usual landmarks like Hollywood Blvd., the Chinese Theatre, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. I think you'll like, if not love, Venice Beach because it's an artists' melting pot. Jetblue has great rates to California, but the arriving airport is Long Beach instead of LAX.

11/07/2004 07:27:00 PM  

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