Sunday, December 05, 2004

Calls from a Holiday Party

When I returned from visiting Santaland on Friday night I apprentley missed some phone calls. A few were from some men inviting me to hang at la Kueva. Didn't bother to return those calls. I wasn't going to la Kueva and even if I was it would be with la Fea. One message , however, had me laughing so hard. It was a phone call I had to return. It was from el Don himself, the famous monarch of a certain enclave of Brooklyn. Now I had essentially cut him off a few months ago when he "jokingly" called me a doormat and when my internet life was crossing too close for my comfort with my real personal life. I was cutting off ex's left, right, and sideways. Now for those of you who don't remember el principe he's the hot hot lawyer who gave me great sex but also great stress and heartache with getting his heroin addicted girlfriend pregnant and screwing around with me on way too many levels. Remember the HipMama essay? Yeah that's him.

I jotted down the number he left on my machine (well because I didn't have his cell number on me anymore) and I returned his call. He was at a holiday party for a company he does mortgages for. He sounded alright . I asked if he was drunk yet, remembering how he favored bourbon. He said he was cutting down on the drinking and the recreational non-cigarette (ahem) smoking since his friends began to worry that he had developed another drug problem. Nice. I didn't inquire what his new habit was. It could be coke. I know he had done that on occasion. It could be heroin since that seems to be oh so stylish again among the hipster Williamsburg circles he likes to hang in. He said he wanted to hear my voice and said it was nice to hear it. I told him likewise and we ended the conversation.

It makes me sad to see brilliant men be self-destructive but we all choose our paths in life. I didn't tell him about my relationship with el Cubano ( I met the Prince 'O East Williamsburg- as they now call Bushwick- right about the time when el Cubano moved out west). I didn't tell him about my plans to leave NY. I did tell him that I was very very happy with my life. I don't know if he will call me again. I will not call him again. I refuse to be a doormat/source of comfort to those who do not respect me in return. I wish him well and hope that he figures his life out as we all must.


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