Monday, December 27, 2004

In His Father's House

I went to his father's house last night. I was surrounded by pictures of him at various stages of his life ranging from young childhood, to awkward puberty and into the man he has become today. I was introduced awkwardly as a woman who happened to go to school with his cousin in elementary school, when the real reason I was there last night was because I am now his "friend". Most people understood, in fact I knew most of the people there from dinners or from that New Years a few years back (was it 2 or 3?) when I first stepped foot in that house as just slightly more than a friend. Only one person actually sat down next to me as I drank a glass of white wine and asked me to clarify my "friendship" with el Cubano. It was awkward to be there without him but my clear position was somewhat of a comfort. I was asked about la MapucheRican, who stayed home sick. I was asked about him and my recent trip out there. His father and stepmother were absolutely lovely to me as always. Because of them I was able to dance a little on this Christmas and eat some pernil.

I spoke to el Cubano for awhile this morning and he wanted to hear every detail of last night since he couldn't be with his family for the holiday. I tried to convince him, again, to come to NYC for New Year but he's still saying no. I was thrilled to speak to him though and despite all that is happening in his life and my own, I feel blessed to have him in my life. I really do love him.

Hey Cubanito---Next Christmas in our house or apartment?


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