Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Lo Mejor y Peor de la Mala

Everyone else is doing it and yes I'm the type who would jump off a bridge behind my friends so here are my best and worst personal moments of 2004. Feel free to agree, disagree, and add your own.

Best New Hang Out Spot in 2004

This one is a three way tie. The Misfit, gets mad props for introducing me to
La Oveja Negra , where I danced my ass off, got to listen to some great bands, and even got my favorite jacket stolen.

D'Antigua, where la Fea took me for some mean mojitos one night. There I met some great peeps (and some not so great), listened to great music, and performed some great poetry for a few months. I just wish that they had a dance floor.

La Kueva reopened as la Kueva 2.0. Ok the red wine is too cold sometimes and that makes it taste strange,and the live bands have sometimes been questionable but la Fea and I have danced our culos off here and still keep going back for more. They even have food now!! Hell la fea even snagged her latest and so far so good man here.

Queens became cool to hang out in again!!!

Best new discovery of 2004

Hair dye!!! My hair was pink, red, and variations in between. I am in love with
manic panic and as long as I can I will be changing my roots.

Best New Person in my life of 2004
Samurai Boy aka the filmmaker. He started out by coming out of MySpace and into D'Antigua to see me speak the speech. He makes me laugh, was great to make out with, and turned out to be a wonderful friend.

Best Returning Performance of 2004- Male
El Cubano of course. A love affair about 4 years in the making. Made me the happiest I've been (and most annoyed sometimes).

Close runner ups who deserve honorable mention are the boy who took my virginity and whose virginity I took, stupid married boy, and the Colombian hotness from Los Angeles.

Worse Hook-Up of 2004
El Boliviano. The sex wasn't bad and he has great energy but this was a disaster waiting to happen, from his strange behavior which bordered on scary, to his fucked-up-ness involving la Fea. I don't usually regret men but I regret getting intimately involved with this one.

Best Sex of 2004
Los Angeles palm trees outside and el Cubano and I in a steamy shower inside. Just ask his old roommate who heard the whole thing.

Worse Sex of 2004
I wish I could say but I don't want to be too mean. I'll write this one in my friends only blog and will reveal it to select readers by request only.

Best/worse fight of 2004
Probably the drunken words between la fea and I over her stupid midget ex-man. She ran away from me on the subway, sat in the middle of la Roosevelt, and had me walk out of her house during a party. Close runner up was when I walked of D'Antigua.

Craziest blog fan that wasn't
That chica who met up with the Misfit through my blog and then sent me a few mean and stupid emails when I called her out. She's been spotted at la Kueva by la fea. I'm sure she's nice under normal circumstances but this was just strange.

Favorite Musical Find of 2004
Pedro Suarez Vertiz. He didn't move around on stage much when I saw him at la Oveja in May, but this Peruano introduced to me by el Misfit provided and still provides hours of laughter and fun with songs like Tren Sexual and Globos del Cielo.

Best Compliment of 2004
"You have perfect breasts" Said to me by el Misfit.

As I search through and archive entries I will surely add more.

It has been quite a year.


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