Friday, December 24, 2004

Noche Mala

It is Christmas Eve. I'm sick as can be. One of my titis is in the hospital. The apartment is a mess. I have to buy milk for Santa and make cookies or him with la MapucheRican, my man is thousands of miles away, the hot water isn't working the way it should.

Yeah Noche Buena my ass.

I'd like to make some coquito. Find a wreath for the door. Make some merry crica phone calls. But then again I'd like to fly my hottie man to NY to kiss him y mas too.

I shouldn't complain. This will most likely be my last navidad en NY with the damned cold and the crowds of gawking tourists on Fifth Ave (by the way I so do not like the new star. I liked the old school one I grew up with). I've accomplished some thing this week like going to the post office and sending something I should have months ago. I did pretty well with my Christmas shopping on my near poverty level budget.

I think I'm just feeling a little lonely. I miss my Cubanito and wish we could be together. I wish that there weren't 50 people going to my grandmother's small ass apartment (and with my pobre titi in the hospital there probably won't be).

La MapucheRican still believes in Santa though and the magic that is the holiday with the lights and songs and cookies and presents. So that means I have to believe in that same magic too, verdad.

So pass the coquito and please don't sing Feliz Navidad, cuz there are better songs we Latinos like to listen to at this time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a really weird Christmas, isn't it? But enjoy it as much as you can.

And feel better!

12/24/2004 12:37:00 PM  

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