Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Not so Merry Crica

I think I spoke to nearly every ex of mine that mattered between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Finally I got in contact with the man that does matter in my life now , El Cubano, y mi amor is still struggling with a mess of things in the land of the beautiful people. I was trying to convince him to come to NYC for New Year's por lo menos but he wants to fix his stuff up over there. ::sigh:: I undrstand. Stay the course as a certain President I am none too fond of says.

la MapucheRican and a way too early phone call, woke me up on Christmas morning. la nena mia was thrilled with her gifts including computer games, clothes and toys. In fact she pulled me over and said , " I'm surprised Santa came since I've been talking back to you alot more lately.". hee hee. My mother and I exchanged gifts and later with my sister (yes in the end I bought her something, see how nice I can be).

As the least sick person in the house I went to the hospital to visit my titi who has an infection complicated by diabetes. I hung at the hospital for awhile before heading home dancing in the street to music and getting Thai food for everyone at home.

Today I am off to el Cubano's father's casita. He called me last night and invited la MapucheRican and I over. He has always been incredibly sweet to my daughter and me so I will go and share in the Christmas cheer. It promises to be quite strange without el Cubano there . I have never been there without him, save an hour before I went to the airport to go to LA. For his family that may not remember me or those that may not of met me, how do I introduce myself? Just by name? Do I say, Hi I'm el Cubano's girlfriend? Saying I'm his "friend" implies a more than friend status to begin with.
Right? I could do like he did at the manicure place and tell everyone I'm el Cubano's lover. ha ha.
Oh well. It should be fun .
What am I going to wear?

Oh what did I get for Christmas, well I gave myself too orgasms of Christmas Eve (it's been over a month since I've been naked with a man it's the least I could have done for myself), clothes, and gift cards.

Thankfully Latinos celebrate Christmas through the 6 of January so la fiesta continues!!!


Blogger MedicineWoman9 said...

Yay! Mala, you should do nice things for yourself! Sorry that your titi is in the hospital, I'll light a candle for you. And how cute of Mapucherican! They do say the darndest things don't they? besos.

12/27/2004 09:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
since you've mentioned it before, this is a good inexpensive place for therapy...I like it...
Feliz Navidad!!

12/27/2004 12:19:00 PM  

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