Friday, December 17, 2004

Reminders and Requests

Today , after a long conversatin with el Cubano, I thought about censoring myself. This thought crossed mt head for two reasons. One: My last two posts pissed el Cubano off as did some comments people made. My policy usually is , " love me , deal with my blog" but as a complete person, forming half of a couple, I do need to take his feelings into account. So I may self censor to protect him. I haven't decided and to waht extent.
Two: To my lovely commenters. I will not censor you. I dont have to like agree with what you say and many of you I know in real life. Pero I will ask of you one thing, If you do know me in real life, then please refrain from using my real name. I know most of you know who I am pero that doesn't mean everyone has to.

pssst.....come closer.

I am not running away from this. Now since when has la Mala run away from things? And anyway if I chose the nice, easy way, would you even be reading this right now??? Hmmm?


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