Friday, December 31, 2004


I don't even remember what my resolutions were for 2004. The only one I remember making was that I didn't want to be alone for New Year's 2005, so far I'm on track. So obviously I forget my resolutions, but here they ar in blog form to haunt me throughout the year.

1. Get the F out of dodge, ok well just out of where I live now. la MapucheRican and I need to be living in our own space in 2005.

2. Save save save, save for the move. Save for the future (el Cubano was questioning why I haven't started planning for my retirement , " do you think you won't live that long?' he asked") Save for the MapucheRican to go to school, save for a gasp house in the future.

3. Exercise, like everyday. I did ok for part of this year, waking up and doing pilates or yoga but I've slacked off.

4. Write write write. Schedule time to write then do it.

5. Perform, perform, perform. I did good at this towards the end of the year and it was great for my esteem as an artist and it forced me to constantly be writing new things and puching my own creative limits. I already know when the first tertulia is so I need to be there and perform once a week somewhere.

6. Therapy. A lovely blog reader suggested this place to call and I'm gonna call on Monday and also check with my insurance. I need it. I've needed it for a long time. I'm trying to avoid the med route and so far this year I haven't had too many really bad breakdowns. So if I can get into a therapy routine it would be great.

Notice I am not gonna stop smoking or drinking. I'm an artist I need some bad habits. I've given up sleeping around in favor of long distance monogamy. What more do you want from a girl?

Love myself, love others. That's the ultimate resolution.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me.

Have a great, happy, healthy New Year!


12/31/2004 02:10:00 PM  

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