Friday, December 10, 2004

Sacrifices or " No you can't have that! I may need it!"

Sometimes my sense of charity gets the better of me. I overcommit. I am too nice to clients and some take advantage of me. I give too much so people ask for inappropriate things. Some of those things are tangible things that I can feel their absence in my life. Other things are concepts or states of being . Their absence I feel on a deeper level. I have sacrificed much for the sake of others and well now I'm saying no because well I need things for me.

A few weeks ago , a parent of a student of mine, requested a private meeting. I thought that she was dissatisfied with my work (because she is a difficult woman- always trying to tell me what my curriculum should be). Turns out she had a favor to ask me. She figured that since I was a young single mother (read as unmarriable) that I wouldn't mind giving her an egg of mine since she has had trouble having a second child with her legal husband. Of course she would pay me.

A few years back I was so fertile that all a man had to do was have me in his peripheral vision and I would be pregnant. Various forms of birth control have failed me on more than one occasion. Years ago I would have had an egg giveaway because damnit it felt like I had too many eggs in my basket. But now. Well I'm not feeling quite like I can spare so much of my anatomy/biology. I may need my eggs. At least one more time.

Today someone actually asked me to postpone my move to Los Angeles till 2006. Not out of any concern for me, but because in 2006 was when he would have some sort of personal legal issues worked out and he wanted me to be here to help him. I told him that I was moving as soon as I could and that would most likely be next year so if he needed my help now was the time to cash in as long as it wasn't gonna cost me anything and yes I want to be compensated financially. I can't afford to be giving away free services to anyone. Not with a cross country move and a new life pretty much. I will begin charging overtime when private students are picked up an hour late . And hell I may start putting in cancellation fees.

It's my turn to be a little selfish to get what I want.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's my turn to be a little selfish to get what I want. "

That's right, honay pah! xx.


12/11/2004 12:30:00 PM  

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