Saturday, December 04, 2004

Seeing Santa (Claus), Listening to Santa (Monica)

Thank you to all those who expressed their concern over my cryptic foul post yesterday. I was in a very bad place, a place I hadn't been in a while. After my last student I bundled myself and the MapucheRican up and off we went into Manhattan to begin the holiday season. Maybe it's wrong on some level to have my daughter believe that some big fat white man comes and leaves her presents but I have lots of great memories of my navidades of the past , including some traditions I'd like to pass to my hijita. Last night we went to see the windows at Lord&Taylor's and Macy's and we visited Santa in Macy's Santaland (no I did not sit on Santa's lap although he asked me to. I did ask him for two plane tix to Cali however). Seeing how excited the MapucheRican was changed my mood completely which was good.

Later I was happy to hear that El Cubano was in a better mood too. Both of us have had extremely stressful situations and we've been taking it out on each other. I have a bad habit of taking everything too personally. He has his own bad habits. But last night when we began talking about the we again and when before I went to bed, I was listening to some Latino musicians playing in Santa Monica I had no doubt where I wanted to be and with whom.


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