Friday, January 07, 2005

All By MySelf

Today was the first day since December 23 that I spent all alone and it was wonderful. Don't get me wrong I love having my daughter around and I loved having el Cubano here but it was exhausting (did I make him that tired when I was out in LA). It was a combination of the stress he brought with him, plus the stress of his not so understanding father, plus the holidays, plus him getting sick, plus the daily sex, plus his snoring, plus the running around, well you get the picture. I mean I miss him too. He just left yesterday and we fought in the airport. He was stressed about getting a flight to LA (after all he was originally scheduled to leave on Monday), I was stressed about picking up la MapucheRican on time, and I honestly was sad about him leaving. With the constant postponment of his departure, a part of me hoped he would stay for good. I liked having him around. We talked alot,had alot of great sex, laughed, went out with la MapucheRican. I even was getting used to the snoring and his endless showers. But his place isn't here. He's back in LA and will get everything he needs to get together, together.

Today I did some research, began working on a new poem, did four loads of laundry (mostly bedsheets and towels ::wink wink::), did some yoga, got freaking annoyed because I have to spend a hundred and some dollars to get the toilet fixed.

Tommorow or maybe even later I will post little details of my time with el Cubano, but for now I must fold laundry.


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