Sunday, January 02, 2005

Bringing in the New Year With a

dare I say bang? Not that there was champagne or fireworks, at least not literal ones. El Cubano arrived from LA and it actually took me a second to recognize him since he decided to grow a beard since I last saw him about two months ago. la MapucheRican saw him right away and ran to him and hugged him.

New Year's Eve didn't go exactly as planned because el Cubano's father wasn't as understanding as we would have liked. In the end it was just the three of us, el Cubano, la MapucheRican, and myself watching tv, laughing, kissing. It was quiet but in many ways it was nice. La MapucheRican said she wanted all the New Years to be like that, just the three of us.

Yes yes I did get to say goodbye to the old year by some booty from my man and I also got to welcome the new year that way too.

Oh el Cubano bought these two lava lamps for la MapucheRican since she was so enamored with one that he has. She was happy as could be. I think it might be one of her favorite gifts so far this holiday.

All in all I was just happy to be with two people that I love completely despite all the stresses.


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