Wednesday, January 12, 2005

That is Like So Junior High School

In Junior High School no one would start and kissing or sex rumor about me if I was the last Rican in a Catholic school uniform well because there wasn't a damn thing sexy about me in junior high. I had a bad perm and no fashion sense and anyway I was a good girl. I went to church on Sundays and a few times during the week to help in the rectory. I was a nerd. Hell even in high school after I was first kissed at 16 no one spread dirt on me because I only had three boyfriends in high school: my first kiss, my first fuck, and my first engagement (seriously).

So maybe now , along with my colorful choices in hair color, am I getting to live the joy that was the writing in the boys bathroom. Of course even now, at 27, and certifiably sexable, the bulk of the rumors are about my best friend la fea. Apparently in the Queens rockero scene, who you don't fuck is what makes you a slut/whore/puta. Because pobre de la fea who rejected not only el loco Boli but a coke using Ecua-Rockero, apparently slept with both of them and rumor has it, who knows who else in La Kueva.
The problem is not only did she not sleep with either one but she hasn't slept with anyone from the rockero inner circle that is la kueva. The problem is that the boys who are spreading these lies (the rejected ones) are in their mid-thirties!!!! The problem is that now la Fea is in a nice relationship with someone who so far seems to be normal and the rumors are beating on his eardrums and making him be irrationally jealous and suspicious, which is an entire issue in and of itself.

Apparently it doesn't matter how many people you have slept with but who those people are. I made the huge mistake of fucking el Boliviano. Huge mistake (well it wasn't that huge ::wink wink::). My sources tell me that it was said of the tertulias that " get a few drinks in those two and see what you can get", those two being la fea and me. Nothing like a rumor makes me want to go to la tertulia tonight more than ever and tell some people off, to their faces and in poetic form. Nothing like an independent, talented, political, hot ass chica like me who dares to talk about sex, abortion, and all the politics tied up into being a woman of color to start talking shit about. In my not so humble opinion this is more than about alcohol and who is fucking who. It is an attempt to discredit women who are not afraid of their sexuality. Now I really want to do that performance piece about who had been in my bed, complete with slide show and the biography of my pussy (two things floating in my head). Porque carajo it takes way more than a few drinks to get into my tangita and it takes way more than a bunch of sad middle aged rockeros talking shit about what they wished they would have done inside that tangita to shut me the hell up.


Blogger EL CUBANO said...

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1/12/2005 12:01:00 PM  
Blogger EL CUBANO said...

I think Im going to have to fly up to NY and go to LA Kueva to take care of business. I am going to spread a rumor that you slept with me too!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Hay MALA, dont you have enough to worry about in your life? Responding to those stupid rumors will only make people think that you did sleep with those little boys. Besides, who cares?? If you did or didnt sleep with them, what is it to anybody else?? this is NOT worth you getting upset. If you really want to make some noise, then confirm the rumor and graphically insult them if you know what i mean!!!

I think its flattering that my woman can create so much buzz in a place like that. Hey Im going to learn some spanish cover tunes so i can play there and show these little kids what it takes to be a real musician!!!!


1/12/2005 12:05:00 PM  
Blogger EL CUBANO said...

A Single Mami’s Wet Dream

It’s like one of those silly herbal shampoo commercials. I’m writhing under a steady shower stream, moaning,. So what is bringing me such orgasmic ecstasy in the shower? Time by myself. I haven’t had a private shower in years. I’m talking about trying to shave my left leg and not cutting myself when the shower door suddenly slides open and my five year old daughter yells ,”What are you doing mom?”
Me in the shower or even better, me in a tub filled with lavender infused water and rose petals. Some scented candles would be nice too and of course some music, like a sensual samba. There would be no interruptions.

I hope i was able to accomadate you!

1/15/2005 01:56:00 PM  
Blogger Ms.Maegan said...

Babe, are you like reading all my old posts?

You are always able to accomodate me

1/15/2005 02:00:00 PM  
Blogger EL CUBANO said...

El Cubano (who is actually only half Cubano, the other half is Colombiano) is tall and delicious looking. He actually modeled at some point. He's a Queens boy and smart and cocky. Oh did I mention he's insane. Certified. Maybe that's why we like each other so much.

You know I still havent received my certificate!!!!
I want it so I can hang it my soon to be office!!!

1/15/2005 02:04:00 PM  

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