Friday, February 04, 2005

The Ending of a Monarchy

Just when media outlets like the New York Times and New York Magazine were beginning to call the neighborhood East Williamsburg in their real estate sections and just when I began to meet Long Island white boys who were moving away from their childhood split levels into walk ups, the self proclaimed Prince of Bushwick gave his landlord notice.

He called me on Sunday afternoon, the way he calls me every few months to say hello, to tell me his latest sad hookup and addiction, and to find out my latest bed partner. We don’t flirt anymore not since I last saw him on my birthday last year, when he took me out to dinner. When I didn’t go home to Bushwick with him that night I think he understood then that we could only be friends.

He said he was happy at work but was still making stupid decisions in his life. I asked him to clarify what those choices were. He proceeded to tell me about a wonderful woman he went out with early in the week. He met her online (as we met). They went out the next night again and then on their third consecutive date he asked her to move in with him. The Prince of Bushwick, struggling with a cocaine addiction, discovered that his sexy new housemate was a Heroin user. So now she is moving out.

Heroin and Coke are back in like in the 80’s and seem to be rampant in hipster Brooklyn which makes me kind of glad I don’t hang out there anymore. The Prince, who drinks bourbon and smokes cigars hangs out in Williamsburg so it only seems fitting that he live near where he plays. He says he’s tired of having to have his “dates” travel through a bad hood just to fuck him.

I told him all about my move to LA and he seemed genuinely happy but just as I began to chide him about his bad choice in women the call got disconnected (or maybe he hung up on me). I took it as a sign.

The reign of the Prince of Bushwick is coming to an end and Williamsburg is gaining another force of gentrification.

Los Angeles looks better and better everyday.


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