Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes yes I am well aware that today is a greeting card manufactured holiday, a day to make single people anxious and feel like crap, a day when expectations for cheap chocolate and stuffed animals are at their height and yet.....

four years ago I went on what I thought would be just another internet date. I met a man who charmed the tanga right off of me and had a strange proclivity to wearing sweatshirts all the time (which I thought were ugly but later I found out they had a practical purpose). I went home from that date so happy, so full of hope and excitement and happiness (oh yes was he a good kisser). Yeah he broke my heart once, yeah we broke up twice, and yeah he moved on the other side of the country. Four years after that initial date I find myself back with that man, madly in love, with plans towards an uncertain future (aren't all futures uncertain?).

So today I jump on the bandwagon of hearts and flowers and cupid and send mushy wishes of love to my valentine, mi Cubanito.

Who would have thought that two difficult people could get along so well?

Te quiero y te amo.


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