Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm Really Not a Shameless Self-Promoter

El Cubano thinks I should be and part of me thinks I probably should as well. The real reason I reprinted/republished the poem "Slip" here on my blog (and kind of scarily outing myself even though most people who read this blog know who I am) was because it isn't available at HipMama anymore and I haven't really pimped it anywhere else, although I love performing it and have many times over. A portion of the poem is going to be part of an upcoming book and I wanted to offer it up to people who wanted to read it in its entirety (Do people besides me actually read the Credits part of a book?).

This experience in many ways has been a kick in the ass in terms of pushing myself in terms of promoting myself and damn I need a real website among a million other things.

I'm kind of shocked at how angry I come across even though well damnit I have a right to be pissy and shouldn't apologize for being so. It was a poem written in a flurry of emotion, a reaction to a very specific event but still very relevant especially when the issue of the language of race continues to be news.


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