Monday, February 28, 2005

Jorge Gets to Sing

Big up to Jorge Drexler whose song, "el Otro Lado del Rio", was not only the first song in Spanish to be nominated in the catagory fo best original song from a movie but was the first song in Spanish to win. Now I being the snotty angry Latina that I am would have gone on stage to accept my award and given an angry speech in Spanish filled with curses aimed at the producers who chose Antonio Banderas to sing my song instead of letting me do it (by the way Antonio, not every song in Spanish is a Flamenco song ok?). But Drexler was much more gracefull by going up on stage to accept the Oscar and singing part of the song as he had originally wanted to do. The best moment however was when the camara went to Drexler's face after Banderas's performance and Drexler gave the camara such a look.



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