Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tales of El Cuco

I was watching television the other night and made a joke about this movie and I commented to my mom that we needed a Latino version called el Cuco. You know el Cuco, he's the Spanish language boogeyman used for generations to scare children into submission. I was told a story by my grandmother about when she was a child in Puerto Rico and being warned about el Cuco when she wouldn't do her chores. One night my great great grandmother, a Taina, known to all then and now as Ma Querida, or dearest mother, decided to play a trick on my abuelita and her sisters and brothers. Ma Querida covered herself in a sheet and began to make noise, pretending to be el Cuco. My Abuelita, never one to be easily tricked, gathered her siblings and began beating on el Cuco with sticks.

So much for that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I was afraid of the dark for many years because of El Cuco. I'm 33 and to this day if I've seen a scary movie of someone has told a tale, I feel like el cuco is going to snatch me from my bed and eat me.

1/26/2009 07:25:00 PM  

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