Monday, March 14, 2005

Bushwick Bargains

Bushwick, I mean East Williamsburg for all you hipsters, has always been known for its values. Bargain stores line Knickerbocker. Hell I once was a bridesmaid in a Bushwick wedding and got these great strappy sandles at a Payless there. Dominican beautyshops compete with cuchifrito stands. In the summer all of life seems to move onto the sidewalks. I have good memories of Bushwick. Friends who have lived there. Lovers who have lived there.

Over lunch last week, one of my sources told me a story coming out of Bushwick because when hipsters move to Bushwick so do local chain stores. A certain local chain clothing store that recently opened in Bushwick had suffered numerous robberies at gun point. After a few managerial changes and adding an armed security guard, things seemed to be getting better. There were less robberies but the shrinkage was still sky high. That's when the company installed video cameras.

The video cameras showed the burly store manager and his armed security guard opening the store early. They would bring in local prostitutes and have sex with them in the store then tell the sex workers to pick what they wanted from the stores selection.

Needless to say the manager and security guard were fired. I do not know if criminal charges were brought against them but I do know that this week the sex workers in Bushwick aren't wearing new clothes.


Blogger Poetik_soul said...

Good Old Bushwick, My Old Stomping grounds!

3/16/2005 04:31:00 PM  

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