Tuesday, March 08, 2005

But This Baby Doesn't Match My Jeans!!!

If babies and children are the hot new accessory then damn have I been fashionable for the past few years without even trying. Who knew that the barely brushed hair that many single mamas deal with was chic? Or that stained clothing was the new status symbol? Maybe soon there will be exclusive mami based clubs like you can't get in unless you have a child? It's like the new velvet rope!!!

Oh yeah except it isn't. Places in general still aren't more baby/kid friendly. I still am the only woman in my circle who has a kid. Single mother hood certainly is not as cool or celebrated in real life as it is on television or in Hollywood with its nannies and assistants. The article only very quickly refers to non affluent mothers (aka poor or working class) and non-white mothers which according to the article pretty much means only black.

Motherhood certainly didn't look like it stepped off the pages of Vogue this morning trying to balance holding an umbrella, my daughter's hand, and her science fair project in the rain. Did I mention the umbrella was for my daughter not for me?
Pass me a towel please.


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