Friday, April 29, 2005

Now it is Time to be Selfish

My mother’s birthday was yesterday. My sister and I bought her two ottomans that she wanted and carried them, with the help of a shopping cart, with hilarious results. The day before was my sister’s birthday and we had two cakes and my apartment is filled with beautiful flowers and balloons. It feels like everyone in my family was born in April. Seriously, from April fool’s day to yesterday, the 28th of the month, someone in my family has a birthday. This means a lot of money spent on gifts, the most expensive ones going to my mother and sister. But now the birthday rush is over except for the upcoming birthday of one more person in my family. ME!!!!!!!! So now instead of me asking seemingly everyone what they want for their birthday, I get to be asked.

Yesterday my sister graced me with an early Mother’s Day/birthday gift of toner for my laser printer. My cousin came over and asked me what I wanted. I told her seriously a sports bra because my tetas are bouncing all over the place at the gym. She seemed offended. So then I told her I needed sneakers for the gym. She then complained because of the fact that I won’t wear Nike or many other brands that are known for their sweatshop labor practices.

So for everyone’s benefit, including my own gratification, I am providing a list of fantasy and real items I would like for my birthday. Of course I am completely aware that many (most) people who read this blog have no idea who I am in real life. Let this be a glimpse into my materialistic side.

Fantasy Items I want: Round trip airfare to L.A., cash, laptop, mp3 player, stereo with turn table/record player, a massage at a spa, hair/dye job at a salon,
personal training sessions at my gym, Writing classes/retreat/conference, tattoo.

Real world items I want/need: Sports bra, gift cards,Non-sweatshop gym sneakers. Blank cds to burn, postage stamps, take me to a concert, incense and candles, hair dye in a cool color that I can do at home, manicure/pedicure, books, wine, dinner at a restaurant, free babysitting.

At this point I can’t figure out of sex is a fantasy item or a real item anymore.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You Can Take the Girl out of the Strip Club...

I was standing in line earlier today at a fast food joint in Bed-Sty with my daughter. As we decided what to order a man comes up to me.

"Excuse me can I ask you something?"
He didn't seem threatening or like he was going to say anything dirty so I told him sure.
"You're a dancer aren't you?"
"Oh no, I haven't danced in years actually. " I told him completely not realizing what kind of dancing he was referring to.
" How do you do what you just did?" he asked me.
" What did I do? I have no idea." I told him seriously.
I have a bad habit of doing many things that could be considered sexual unconsciously especially since I used to be a stripper. I cannot tell you how many times la Fea has had to tell me to stop touching my breasts.
"You did this little butt shake thing," the guy told me in almost a whisper.
I probably should have been horrified that this man was looking at my ass as I decided between a chicken thigh or a drumsticks but instead I just burst out laughing because he wasn't talking about me as a dancer dancer but as a stripper dancer.
"So now you understand me?" he asked. I nodded , still cracking up and admitted that yes I used to be a dancer.

Monday, April 25, 2005


This enraged me beyond words.

As I went around this weekend telling everyone I knew from New York City to Los Angeles about this incident, I got mixed reactions.

"Well what did you expect them to do?" someone asked me.
"I'm sure it was just to protect the little girl from herself." Someone else told me.

Maybe I'm oversensitive about this because I am a parent. Let me find out that handcuffs were put on my child in her school. The school and police department would be facing more than just a lawsuit.

Yes children have tantrums and yes it is perfectly obvious that this child was acting out. We don't know the history of this child. What is happening in her life or in her head but the moment the police were called and came into that school, what was at least a behavior issue was treated like a criminal matter. Most five year olds associate the police and their handcuffs with criminal activity so how was this child supposed to feel like anything less than a criminal being cuffed by the police. It served to make a bad situation work and was a disgusting display of power and force over a child.

Now to bring up the issue that yes no one wants to talk about....Race. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wonder if the outcome would have different if it were a white five year old. If maybe the school would have done something extra before calling the police. Maybe the police would have hesitated in using the cuffs. Maybe the outrage would have been more. I mean am I crazy in my concern that this little girl is being taught at such an early age that white police officers (I know they are white from the videos and pictures of the incident) will treat her like a criminal for expressing herself (because that is what in essence a tantrum is, an extreme, out of control form of expression)?

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Boricua Blogging

Yesterday someone commented on my blog how they hadn't seen a NYRican blogger in the blog world. Last night I sat in my bed disturbed by this. How could this be? There were so many of us NYRicans in the world. We are not known for being quiet or being low key (I mean have you been to my abuelita's house on a a Sunday?). So I began going through my blogroll and sure enough, no NYRicans. Now I must be missing something but then I remembered , the mainstream blogworld ignores Ricans and other bloggers of color.
I have been pretty lucky I suppose in hooking up with some fierce ass chicas online, most radical mamis like me, artista mamis like me. These women are from all over the country and their bloodlines and skin tones representative of the real world, mostly people of color. Despite all the hype and claim that the world wide web is equal opportunity, us women of color know better and suck our teeth and roll our eyes at the notion that the web has proven itself as any different than the racist/sexist day to day reality we struggle in.

I wrote about this issue briefly before in response to an article posted at Alternet. But now bloggers de color and those without (aka gringos) are discussing the issue. Which has to be a good thing no?

Here are some of those discussions: Nichelle Newsletter
Prometheus 6
Booman Tribune
and Brown Bloggers, that by the way I so want to get down with.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rabid Ny'ers

And no I am not talking about the men leering at us fabulous mujeres now that spring has sprung and the sandalias and faldas have made their way from the back of our closets. Apparently two women were bitten by a rabid raccoon or two in the Boogie Down Bronx.

Last summer I spotted a raccoon on my hood late one night as I walked home from a date. Within a few weeks I discovered that the big fat raccoon and her two babies were living in a hole in a tree next to my building. La MapucheRican and I made a routine of daily checking for Sunshine, as my daughter named her, and her babies. Often Sunshine would be hanging out on a branch, other times only her tail was sticking out of the hole in the tree. It was like having a mini zoo on our block since the only animals my daughter and I ever see are people's pets and the roaches in the basement laundry room.

Winter came and we assumed the raccoon was off hibernating but Sunshine never reappeared.

Maybe she moved to the Bronx?????

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

His Holy Popeness

I suppose as a woman whose education came courtesy of the Catholic Church in Queens and Manhattan I should mention something about the new pope , His Holiness Benedict the XVI.

I don't know why I had any hope that the next Papa as we call him in Spanish, was going to be a person of color. I thought it would have been really cool to have a Pope from South America or Africa maybe even a liberation theologist!! Of course the guy who was chosen was a German who apparently may have served in the Nazi Youth. Hmmm ok. He is also very conservative who doesn't support the use of contraception , the right of women to choose, an increased role for women within the church, marriage for priests, and euthanasia. Sounds like a real people person huh?

La Fea and I , who fondly remember taking morality class in our Catholic high school on the upper east side of Manhattan around the same time that we lost our virginity, also feel like we were sold a bill of goods with the lavish funeral of Pope John Paul the II and the voting in of a new pope with all its cloak and dagger secrecy. Pope Benedict the XVI is 78 which pretty much guarantees that we will get to watch an all pope TV week of funeral masses and processions and have to wonder again which Cardinals really voted for themselves when they changed their handwriting. So this whole thing will not be a once in a lifetime happening.

Well no matter. I haven't been to church in since last Spring when I sponsored a kid in a confirmation.

Now if only I could figure out what to do with la MapucheRican's interest in going to church on Sundays thanks to my mom.

Oh but I will have the chance to go to a reunion for my Catholic elementary school. That should be fun especially when I get to tell everyone that I am now dating the cousin of a girl who used to be my best friend back in the day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Neighborly Love

When we first discovered that the other existed we were both so excited.
I stumbled upon his existence one afternoon . I heard Hector Lavoe in the hallway of my building, a rare thing considering the population of my building is mostly old Jewish ladies and Russian families. I walked through the halls and up and down the stairwells until I found the source, a short man, probably about 50 years old with whom I had exchanged numerous pleasantries in English whenever we met on the elevator. He was painting the inside door of his apartment and was blasting "El Cantante".

"So it's you!!!" I said accusingly.
"Oh is the music bothering you? I'll lower it" he apologized.
"No I was just wondering who else in the building could love this old school salsa as much as I do."
"Oh you know this music?"
"Know it? It's in my blood."
" I thought you were Russian."
Why do so many people in this hood assume that?
"No. I'm full blooded NYRican" I said proudly.

Well I should have never opened my big mouth. I was just happy that there was another Latino in the building. My sister and I equally rejoiced when we met a West African family that moved in a few months ago. When my mother moved into this building after my father left her, we were the only family of color and the building still remains pretty white 20 years later. Any smell faintly resembling tostones frying or the sound of a African beat get me excited. It's in my blood.

Junior, as the other Rican in the building calls himself, now has declared his affection for me. He says how beautiful I am and gives me sesame seed sweets and today he appeared at my door wanting me to let him in my apartment he says, " to convince me ".
"Convince me of what?" I asked him in Spanish.
" That we should be together,"
"You need to convince my boyfriend" I tell him, my usual neighborly smile gone from my face.
" What boyfriend? I have never seen you with a man."
After I assured him that I indeed had one he promised to talk to me again.


I don't think I will be so friendly to new neighbors anymore.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Poor Peeps Just Can't Get a Break

Not that I really needed reminding, but mil gracias to la Malinchista for reminding me and the world why rich white men suck

Friday, April 15, 2005

Big Macs Will Make You Crap. Now Pay Me!!!!

In honor of the birthday of the founder of McDonald's......

Apparently McDonald's is willing to shell out some dinero to hip hop artists who name drop their signature meat sandwich.

The Boondocks for the last few days has been making jokes about it that has me peeing on myself (well not literally).

Thursday, April 14, 2005

These are Just Funny and Fun and Educational

I'm still playing catch up on the whole Social Security plan but is sponsoring a contest for their petition against the private accounts option that Pres. Bush is pimping. I gotta tell you the cartoons and flash animations are interactive fun and funny. Check em out. at

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Teenege Detentions- Urgent Action Needed

Two teenage Muslim girls were arrested and detained by the Feds for alleged ties to terrorism. Both attended school here in the NYC area and both are being held without formal charges.

Here is a model letter of support for use by organizations or individuals (with an emphasis on organizations at this point, i think). Please share it with your organization and as many other organizations that you can think of -- through personal contacts/e-mails and list-servs. As background (if you distribute the letter widely) I am (1) attaching the Letter to the Editor from April 12th's NY Times and (2) pasting a statement about the case below written by CAIR-NY.

The purpose of the letter is to communicate the following to the Court: public and community support, a sense that the public is watching, solidarity with the family and detained girls, clear demands, and attention to larger legal & policy concerns, etc.

To facilitate sending the letter, here's what to do:

1. put the letter on your organization's letterhead

2. add your name or organization to the signature

3. edit the paragraph relating to your organization's particular concern, if you'd like.

4. there is a suggestion to minimize politically radical language as in at least one case, ICE has denied relief based on "anti-establishment" language in letters of support

5. Only if you know the family or are in a position to honestly comment on the detained young women from personal experience, add some background about yourself, how you know the family and your relationship with them. Describe the good things they had done in the community prior to being detained and positive things about them that you have read in media reports. Describe the impact on the family due to detention.

6. Email the letter as an attachment to AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS E-MAIL if POSSIBLE. We'll take care of forwarding it to the attorney who will bring the letters to Court.


Model letter of support

*****Insert your Letterhead***** April 12, 2005 Dear Judge Sease, We write to you today as a community organization/individual to urge the Court to release and uphold the civil and human rights of two sixteen year old young women, Tashnuba and Adama (last names withheld to protect privacy). Both of these women belong with the community and families that love them. They do not belong in detention being held on secret evidence and being tried in a secret hearing. (each org or individual to fill-in with their specific details) Our organization has been committed to advocating for the rights of immigrants for five years and is particularly concerned with governmental targeting of South Asians, Muslims and Arabs since the September 11th tragedy. We believe this case highlights the unique and manipulative use of a fear of “terrorism” to detain and deport immigrants across the United States without regard to due process or civil and human rights, as documented by the report of the Office of Inspector General released in 2004. In particular, we write today because we are alarmed by several violations of the rights of Tashnuba and Adama. Namely, we are severely troubled by: • the government’s discriminatory and systematic targeting of these two young girls based on their faith; • the government’s use of “secret evidence,” which is inherently unreliable, unfair, and unconstitutional, because it denies the young women a meaningful opportunity to challenge the evidence against them; • the use of detention to isolate and punish the girls; • the reporting of young people by high school administrations based on their political views, exacerbating a culture of widespread fear and false accusations within the United States; • the FBI’s continued, illegal questioning of at least one of the girls, Tashnuba, without the presence of legal counsel • the FBI’s threats to at least one of the girls, Tashnuba, to deport her parents and send her siblings to foster care if she does not admit to their allegations which would cast serious doubt as to the validity of any admission of guilt if it were to occur; • the closing of the hearings to the press and public, which is unwarranted by the current evidence and runs counter to the spirit of a democratic society; • the seeming absence of any purpose for the continued detention of the girls, who do not pose a flight risk or a danger to the public. In the interests of justice, we ask that Your Honor release Tashnuba and Adama to their families as soon as possible, make public the evidence against them, open the hearings, and exercise all possible discretion to interrupt the discriminatory, outrageous assault on the basic human rights and dignity of two young women. Sincerely, Name of Organization/Individual

Thank you Sukaynah for providing this info.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

One Bad Poet

How can I call myself a poet if I couldn't even remember to post that April is National Poetry Month!! It's funny because I've been shoving poetry down my students' throats but not you, the readers. Special props go to Nehanda for reminding me and posting a beautiful kick ass poems about the power of caderas.

Today In History

1900: American Empire begins in earnest as Puerto Rico is surrendered to the U.S. military authority with the Foraker Law (Organic Act of 1900), establishing civil government and "free" commerce between the island and U.S.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Pre-Wedded Bliss

I'm sitting at my computer this morning contemplating a light green hand towel wrapped in a delicate fabric ribbon, sealed with a lavender faux flower. This was the souvenir from my friend's bridal shower in hipsterfied Williamsburg. La Fea says I can use it for the gym. Michael says it's a sex towel, the kind you find in motels that charge by the hour.

I am not anti-marriage. I think the idea is a beautiful thing. Two people declaring their lifelong commitment to each other in front of their community and sometimes god.
Of course it's a social invention, stemming from when marriage was about political alignments and a wife as another piece of property to add to the man's investment portfolio if you will. And I can't overlook the fact that legally only hetero peeps can marry. It is treated as a privilege. So obviously I am not pro-marriage either.

It is hard for me for me to be all "woo-hoo marriage" when Federal dollars are actually going into campaigns with slogans like "Married People Make Better Parents". One of the games in the bridal shower were open only to married women or to women who were going to be married. And maybe I'm cynical but I'm concerned about being expected to ooooh and ahhhhh at not just one but two dishracks.

I am like so many women, trained to think that marriage is the ultimate expression of my female identity, right up there with having a kid. As a Latina woman, even more so. But here I am 27, a single mother with that walk down the aisle nowhere in my sight. My family has given up on the idea of me ever getting married instead placing all their hopes on my 24 year old sister and her boyfriend of three years or so. My mother even gave my sister the book Closing the Deal. I am already too old (at 27) and damaged (as a single mother).

El Cubano was surprised last week when I told him I had a list. It is a list of how I would want my wedding to be, what I would register for, and how I would furnish my den of matrimony. I'm almost ashamed that progressive ole me would fall prey to such commercial mainstream bullshit.

la Fea and I sat at the bridal shower of a friend of ours from high school yesterday. Bean is the first in our circle to take the plunge and she may end up being the only one in our circle to take the plunge. I am not bitter or jealous. I am genuinely happy for her and her fiancee and wish them only the best. Personally at this point in my life I could take or leave marriage. And little by little, by myself or with someone I will check off the things on my list that will make my life better.

That doesn't include a green hand towel.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's Time for the Sirenata

Last Summer the lovely Iris y la Cheb, her hija were chatting it up about the Coney Island Mermaid Parade as we watched half naked and some pretty damn naked people prance along the boardwalk and we thought....."Oooooh this could be fun". Maybe it was the heat. But I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Soooooo mamitas, I propose doing a mama of color mermaid contingent.

It cost $10 per adult, 5 dollars per chiclet to march.

We could rent a flatbed...we could make a float but I don't know shit about those things or we could just march.

I don't know shit about costume making so mamas with those skills would be sorely needed (I bet however I could bribe my mami into helping).

Who's Down??????

Saturday, April 09, 2005

El Monstro Tiene Hambre

Yes I know it is a waste of energy feeding that green-eyed monster of jealousy but lately it has been growling at me very hungrily from bookstore shelves to websites. Seeing books by people I know at the local chain bookstore, seeing books by people I know reviewed just confirms what a lazy fuck I can be. There is no reason for me not to be more published than I am. Ok ok I can definitely say that a good number of the people are white. There are definitely not enough women of color publishing things but there are enough for it to make me feel really really bad. I can justify it by saying " well none of them are single mothers." and wondering how many are really working poor like me or just playing poverty chic.

What I need is a coach, a writing mentor like I was blessed to have when I was learning about my Rican, Latina, activist self. I need someone to be up my ass and hand me books that will inspire me and ask me or tell me, "now write" or "where are you with that novel/poetry manuscript? I want to see something". I don't need other failed writers telling me I suck to my face or behind my back. Because I know I don't suck. I'm a pretty good writer. I'm a pretty good performer. But I feel like no one has my back in this creative endeavor I call my life.

There are about 8 million reading series and events I want to be a part of happening in this great city but I never can go because I have no one to watch the MapucheRican and I don't want to resent her because hell she didn't ask to be born to a crazy single mami (sometimes I do think she did but not today). But sometimes damnit yes the writer/performer in me resents the mami and the child.

Then there's the poverty. I've got debt. I've got food to buy and rent to pay and clothes for the kid. So I have to take shit jobs tutoring in between real writing gigs which are becoming more consistent but still not enough to fully support myself and my daughter.

Then I hear the voice of my own mother asking why I quit my "great" job in investment banking where I was making money and was being offered more. Wanting to be a writer, wanting to be a mami, and not wanting all the fucked up feeling of complicity that came in working with a huge multi-national firm will never be good enough reasons. She just thinks I'm lazy/crazy.

And then on days like today I think I am too.

NYC Peeps ...Need Stuff to Do Today???

Then go here....

March and Rally
Saturday, April 9, 2005 @ 2 pm

108th Street & 36 Avenue
Corona, Queens

(7 train to 111th Street)

13 years ago, Manny Mayi, a Dominican honor student at Queens College, was chased 16 blocks and beaten to death by a white racist mob of 10 people. Only one, Joseph Celso, was arrested and prosecuted. He was acquitted. Frankie Pineda, another member of the gang, is now a police officer in Nassau County.

A community that cannot get justice when one of its youth is killed is a community with no future. If after 13 years Manny’s murder is without justice where are we as a united Latino people? Manny’s murder is one of the Justice Committee’s oldest unresolved cases. We will not quit until his murderers are arrested, tried and convicted.

Supporting this family over the years in their quest for justice was critically important for Richie Pérez and the Justice Committee. Richie helped organize many marches, rallies and meetings for this cause, which resulted in the re-opening of the case by the Cold Case Squad. Now we need you to support the family in their struggle to finally reach justice!

Sponsored by the Justice Committee-NYC, PO Box 1885, NY, NY 10159-1885. For More Information Call: 212-614-5343

If you're not a rally person but still cre about justice, than go here
DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA Saturday, April 9, 2:30 PM
There will be a discussion after Saturday's panel, where
we will discuss possible next steps that concerned citizens can take in the case of the two 16-year old girls who have been detained on alleged "bomb plot."

DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA: Art, Activism & Law in the Age of Insecurity
2:30 PM: Screening of WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE? (27 mins)
3:00 PM: Panel Discussion & Q&A
4:30 PM: Discussion of case of detained teenage girls

for details on the case of detained teenage girls:

Saturday, April 9, 2:30 PM
Queens Museum of Art, 2d Floor Auditorium

*Prachi Patankar, anti-detention activist, spokesperson for Blue
Triangle Network

*Rachel Meeropol, attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights; editor

*Aziz Huq, VISIBLE Collective; attorney at Brennan Center for Justice
at NYU Law School on democracy and national security issues

*Tariq Abdel-Muhti, son of Farouk Abdel-Muhti, Palestinian activist
and WBAI reporter who died from heart attack from complications during
his two-year detention.

*Aimara Lin, national coordinator, Not In Our Name; granddaughter of
Japanese-American internees

*Theresa Thanjan, director, WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE?

Moderator: Naeem Mohaiemen, Director, VISIBLE, a collective of Muslim
and Other Artist-Activists

2:30 PM: Screening of WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE? (27 mins)
3:00 PM: Panel Discussion & Q&A
4:30 PM: Planning meeting for case of detained teenage girls

Refreshments will be served

For more details, go to

Props to my mujer Sukaynah for the Queens Museum listing info.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blogging Mujeres of the World Unite

This list gives some good reasons as to why there are too few women bloggers in the blogosphere. But I, as a blogger with a choch, felt I had to weigh in . I think there are many many women bloggers out there it's just no one gives a shit what we have to say. Well not no one, obviously, you, the reader of this blog care.

I wish I knew exactly who read my blog and how many of your were men versus women. And if you are men and have blogs, well damnit why haven't you linked to me on your blog? Am I a guilty pleasure read? A jerk off read? A way to keep up with a woman you once kissed, fucked, or was in love with (sorry couldn't help it, cuz I know lots of my readers with penises are former lovers of mine?

Part of the lack of attention given to women bloggers unless, as the article states they are hot and talking about sex, is that in general society our voices aren't valued. The world cares too little about women working from wall street to main street. The opinions of a female artist and of a mother staying home with her children are barely acknowledged.

The article only touches upon this but let me be clear, as a woman of color blogger, you are even more invisible. Why, because I can see through my computer screen (that's right I can see you!!!) people rolling their eyes when I start talking about race. It's ok to talk about class. It's ok to talk about sexism. Hell it may even be ok to talk about sizism but bring up skin color or ethnicity and readers (a-hem yes especially white readers) are all " Oh there goes the woman of color making everything racial again".

I know my readers are way more interested in my personal dramas like who I'm fucking or who I'm not fucking etc. But until bloggers with boobs (hee hee that should be a new slogan) are allowed to be well rounded and talk about more than just sex and women of color bloggers are allowed to be real about what they deal with on the day to day without being blown off ( la la you're talking about race again, la la la I can't hear you) the blog world will continue to be as sexist and racist as the real world.

Monday, April 04, 2005

In Memory Of

A year ago on March 27, my political mentor and teacer, Richie Perez passed on form this world. In his honor and in the honor of all those that have passed on because of unstitutionalized injustice , I an posting this article from the Village Voice. It reminds me of how much work there is still to do and it reminds of those before Diallo, like Frankie Arzuaga, Anibal Carrasquillo, Anthony Rosario and Hilton Vega, Anthony Baez, and Manny Mayi, who with every new injustice, see their names lower and lower on the roster of unfinished business.

Sin Justicia, No Hay Paz!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Too Much Information Post

The following post contains information about my sex life or lack thereof and its impact on some of my reproductive functions. If it's going to freak you out, don't read.

Ok you're still reading? Don't say I didn't warn you!!
I haven't had sex since January. Let me rephrase that. I haven't had sex with another living person since January. I've had a ton of solo sex.
This is the longest I've gone without fucking another person since I was pregnant.

I'm handling it ok but apparently my body is not.

You see ever since I stopped having sex with a real live person my menstural cycle has been off the wall!!! When I was getting sex at least every month, which is how it was till January, I had a nice , neat 28 day cycle going. But now 28 has tirned into 30-35 day cycles. What the fuck???!!! It's just annoying really.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Getting Back in the Saddle

No I haven't gotten sex or gone on a date and I have not taken up horseback riding. But for the first time in months I went out at night for purely social reasons and yes I went back to la Kueva with la Fea.

Going back made me a little nervous. There were all those nasty rumours about us being whores who only needed a little alcohol to get out of our skivies. All this because I did make an error in judgement in fucking with one crazy rockero. La fea did less than that, although she does get way drunker than me.

But we had things to celebrate and mourn so on the Green Bus Line we went to the cave. I wanted to celebrate finally finishing an article on Vincent Gallo that I was super excited to take on for a magazine but that ended up as a battle between me and the word count option in Word. By the way the article came out really well, or so the editor and I thought. I won't tell you more until it's out so you all can buy it and support the magazine and well me damnit!!!La Fea was mourning her grandmother's death and celebrating going out to drink without her boyfriend. Besides, la Kueva was offering free drinks for mujers till midnight. How could we not go???

The best thing is that once we were there , there were not that many people to deal with. Some women we know and later la Fea's boyfriend's cousin and some randon strangers. We drank rum and cokes and laughed and sang. The owner remembered us as the girls who are always dancing before he started telling me about how Colombians are just like Puerto Ricans. La Fea thinks he was kicking it to me. Eventually Fea and I did dance and it felt great. We were interupted three times by a man who asked us to dance but we didn't want to be bothered. We weren't there to flirt or even deal with men, we just wanted to drink, dance, and be merry.

Yeah we should have left when the free drinks stopped. la Fea says I made her cry. She cried. I don't know if I would tale the blame for it though. She got really drunk drunk enough to wake up in my apartment the next morning and not know how she got there or where her bank card was ( I confiscated it after she tried to use it as a MetroCard).

So yes I had a hangover the next morning and skipped the gym but I had a fun time just with my best chica.