Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blogging Mujeres of the World Unite

This list gives some good reasons as to why there are too few women bloggers in the blogosphere. But I, as a blogger with a choch, felt I had to weigh in . I think there are many many women bloggers out there it's just no one gives a shit what we have to say. Well not no one, obviously, you, the reader of this blog care.

I wish I knew exactly who read my blog and how many of your were men versus women. And if you are men and have blogs, well damnit why haven't you linked to me on your blog? Am I a guilty pleasure read? A jerk off read? A way to keep up with a woman you once kissed, fucked, or was in love with (sorry couldn't help it, cuz I know lots of my readers with penises are former lovers of mine?

Part of the lack of attention given to women bloggers unless, as the article states they are hot and talking about sex, is that in general society our voices aren't valued. The world cares too little about women working from wall street to main street. The opinions of a female artist and of a mother staying home with her children are barely acknowledged.

The article only touches upon this but let me be clear, as a woman of color blogger, you are even more invisible. Why, because I can see through my computer screen (that's right I can see you!!!) people rolling their eyes when I start talking about race. It's ok to talk about class. It's ok to talk about sexism. Hell it may even be ok to talk about sizism but bring up skin color or ethnicity and readers (a-hem yes especially white readers) are all " Oh there goes the woman of color making everything racial again".

I know my readers are way more interested in my personal dramas like who I'm fucking or who I'm not fucking etc. But until bloggers with boobs (hee hee that should be a new slogan) are allowed to be well rounded and talk about more than just sex and women of color bloggers are allowed to be real about what they deal with on the day to day without being blown off ( la la you're talking about race again, la la la I can't hear you) the blog world will continue to be as sexist and racist as the real world.


Blogger RHD said...

It's the blogging equivalent of "...but why do you sound so aaaannnnnngrrry?"


4/09/2005 12:39:00 PM  

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