Sunday, April 24, 2005

Boricua Blogging

Yesterday someone commented on my blog how they hadn't seen a NYRican blogger in the blog world. Last night I sat in my bed disturbed by this. How could this be? There were so many of us NYRicans in the world. We are not known for being quiet or being low key (I mean have you been to my abuelita's house on a a Sunday?). So I began going through my blogroll and sure enough, no NYRicans. Now I must be missing something but then I remembered , the mainstream blogworld ignores Ricans and other bloggers of color.
I have been pretty lucky I suppose in hooking up with some fierce ass chicas online, most radical mamis like me, artista mamis like me. These women are from all over the country and their bloodlines and skin tones representative of the real world, mostly people of color. Despite all the hype and claim that the world wide web is equal opportunity, us women of color know better and suck our teeth and roll our eyes at the notion that the web has proven itself as any different than the racist/sexist day to day reality we struggle in.

I wrote about this issue briefly before in response to an article posted at Alternet. But now bloggers de color and those without (aka gringos) are discussing the issue. Which has to be a good thing no?

Here are some of those discussions: Nichelle Newsletter
Prometheus 6
Booman Tribune
and Brown Bloggers, that by the way I so want to get down with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm NYRican...born and bred in bklyn but w/Rican roots! There are some of us out here....

4/24/2005 09:33:00 PM  
Anonymous richard said...

I'm NYRican born in New Jersey butgrew up in in four of the boro of ny manhattan,the Bronx,brooklyn,and Queens. I now riside in Pa. and I am also here tyring to show my fellow NyRican how to get involve

11/20/2005 06:22:00 PM  

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