Saturday, April 02, 2005

Getting Back in the Saddle

No I haven't gotten sex or gone on a date and I have not taken up horseback riding. But for the first time in months I went out at night for purely social reasons and yes I went back to la Kueva with la Fea.

Going back made me a little nervous. There were all those nasty rumours about us being whores who only needed a little alcohol to get out of our skivies. All this because I did make an error in judgement in fucking with one crazy rockero. La fea did less than that, although she does get way drunker than me.

But we had things to celebrate and mourn so on the Green Bus Line we went to the cave. I wanted to celebrate finally finishing an article on Vincent Gallo that I was super excited to take on for a magazine but that ended up as a battle between me and the word count option in Word. By the way the article came out really well, or so the editor and I thought. I won't tell you more until it's out so you all can buy it and support the magazine and well me damnit!!!La Fea was mourning her grandmother's death and celebrating going out to drink without her boyfriend. Besides, la Kueva was offering free drinks for mujers till midnight. How could we not go???

The best thing is that once we were there , there were not that many people to deal with. Some women we know and later la Fea's boyfriend's cousin and some randon strangers. We drank rum and cokes and laughed and sang. The owner remembered us as the girls who are always dancing before he started telling me about how Colombians are just like Puerto Ricans. La Fea thinks he was kicking it to me. Eventually Fea and I did dance and it felt great. We were interupted three times by a man who asked us to dance but we didn't want to be bothered. We weren't there to flirt or even deal with men, we just wanted to drink, dance, and be merry.

Yeah we should have left when the free drinks stopped. la Fea says I made her cry. She cried. I don't know if I would tale the blame for it though. She got really drunk drunk enough to wake up in my apartment the next morning and not know how she got there or where her bank card was ( I confiscated it after she tried to use it as a MetroCard).

So yes I had a hangover the next morning and skipped the gym but I had a fun time just with my best chica.


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