Saturday, April 09, 2005

NYC Peeps ...Need Stuff to Do Today???

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March and Rally
Saturday, April 9, 2005 @ 2 pm

108th Street & 36 Avenue
Corona, Queens

(7 train to 111th Street)

13 years ago, Manny Mayi, a Dominican honor student at Queens College, was chased 16 blocks and beaten to death by a white racist mob of 10 people. Only one, Joseph Celso, was arrested and prosecuted. He was acquitted. Frankie Pineda, another member of the gang, is now a police officer in Nassau County.

A community that cannot get justice when one of its youth is killed is a community with no future. If after 13 years Manny’s murder is without justice where are we as a united Latino people? Manny’s murder is one of the Justice Committee’s oldest unresolved cases. We will not quit until his murderers are arrested, tried and convicted.

Supporting this family over the years in their quest for justice was critically important for Richie Pérez and the Justice Committee. Richie helped organize many marches, rallies and meetings for this cause, which resulted in the re-opening of the case by the Cold Case Squad. Now we need you to support the family in their struggle to finally reach justice!

Sponsored by the Justice Committee-NYC, PO Box 1885, NY, NY 10159-1885. For More Information Call: 212-614-5343

If you're not a rally person but still cre about justice, than go here
DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA Saturday, April 9, 2:30 PM
There will be a discussion after Saturday's panel, where
we will discuss possible next steps that concerned citizens can take in the case of the two 16-year old girls who have been detained on alleged "bomb plot."

DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA: Art, Activism & Law in the Age of Insecurity
2:30 PM: Screening of WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE? (27 mins)
3:00 PM: Panel Discussion & Q&A
4:30 PM: Discussion of case of detained teenage girls

for details on the case of detained teenage girls:

Saturday, April 9, 2:30 PM
Queens Museum of Art, 2d Floor Auditorium

*Prachi Patankar, anti-detention activist, spokesperson for Blue
Triangle Network

*Rachel Meeropol, attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights; editor

*Aziz Huq, VISIBLE Collective; attorney at Brennan Center for Justice
at NYU Law School on democracy and national security issues

*Tariq Abdel-Muhti, son of Farouk Abdel-Muhti, Palestinian activist
and WBAI reporter who died from heart attack from complications during
his two-year detention.

*Aimara Lin, national coordinator, Not In Our Name; granddaughter of
Japanese-American internees

*Theresa Thanjan, director, WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE?

Moderator: Naeem Mohaiemen, Director, VISIBLE, a collective of Muslim
and Other Artist-Activists

2:30 PM: Screening of WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE? (27 mins)
3:00 PM: Panel Discussion & Q&A
4:30 PM: Planning meeting for case of detained teenage girls

Refreshments will be served

For more details, go to

Props to my mujer Sukaynah for the Queens Museum listing info.


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