Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Too Much Information Post

The following post contains information about my sex life or lack thereof and its impact on some of my reproductive functions. If it's going to freak you out, don't read.

Ok you're still reading? Don't say I didn't warn you!!
I haven't had sex since January. Let me rephrase that. I haven't had sex with another living person since January. I've had a ton of solo sex.
This is the longest I've gone without fucking another person since I was pregnant.

I'm handling it ok but apparently my body is not.

You see ever since I stopped having sex with a real live person my menstural cycle has been off the wall!!! When I was getting sex at least every month, which is how it was till January, I had a nice , neat 28 day cycle going. But now 28 has tirned into 30-35 day cycles. What the fuck???!!! It's just annoying really.


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