Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You Can Take the Girl out of the Strip Club...

I was standing in line earlier today at a fast food joint in Bed-Sty with my daughter. As we decided what to order a man comes up to me.

"Excuse me can I ask you something?"
He didn't seem threatening or like he was going to say anything dirty so I told him sure.
"You're a dancer aren't you?"
"Oh no, I haven't danced in years actually. " I told him completely not realizing what kind of dancing he was referring to.
" How do you do what you just did?" he asked me.
" What did I do? I have no idea." I told him seriously.
I have a bad habit of doing many things that could be considered sexual unconsciously especially since I used to be a stripper. I cannot tell you how many times la Fea has had to tell me to stop touching my breasts.
"You did this little butt shake thing," the guy told me in almost a whisper.
I probably should have been horrified that this man was looking at my ass as I decided between a chicken thigh or a drumsticks but instead I just burst out laughing because he wasn't talking about me as a dancer dancer but as a stripper dancer.
"So now you understand me?" he asked. I nodded , still cracking up and admitted that yes I used to be a dancer.


Anonymous Heidi said...

Girl, that's too funny. I do certain things like that. Things from my rap video days. Like I check my ass out in the mirror constantly without realizing. And just the other day, I was at North Beach pizza and walked by these 2 guys on the way to the bathroom and looked back to see if they were checkin my ass. I talk to other of my friends, and most don't care about their bbutt's status like I do:)

4/27/2005 12:54:00 PM  

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