Saturday, May 28, 2005

Going to the Chapel

I just stuck my daughter in the shower, told her I would be blogging with my music turned all the way up so that if she needed me to wave in my face. This is what my entire summer will look like. Sigh.

Anyway so last Sunday morning, I woke up still sick but at least not disgustingly so. I was excited to dress up for the wedding. I knew exactly what I was wearing for the ceremony: this wonderful long black and white skirt with a huge sweep and tiny little sequins and a sheerish black tank and some killer shoes, too bad I couldn't afford a pedicure.

I had chosen two dresses to possibly wear to the reception. I would drag both of them plus an additional pair of shoes to la fea's where we were going to leave to the ceremony from. Of course I didn't actually walk in my fabulously high shoes, I wore my 99 cent Chinese slippers.

la Fea is notorious for being late, so I was kind of up her ass at her house to hurry it up because I hate being late and we had to take the extremely unreliable, especially on a Sunday, subway system.

We took two trains to the south side of Williamsburg which is still pretty hipster free, dominated instead by Latinos and Hasidic Jews. Of course as soon as we got off the subway we run into a hipster couple making out in the drizzle.

Before we could actually go to the church , which la Fea and Bean have attended since they were children, we had a fashion emergency. The hems of la Fea's pants had come undone. We went into two different Judio bodegas (I'm sure they don't call them bodegas) looking for safety pins that no one had. So in an act of supreme ghetto fabulosity la Fea took her tiny stud earrings and on the steps of the church used those to pin up her pants. We also changed out of our chanclas into our heels.

The church was super dark inside and painted in strange colors, like a mustard-y yellow up by the altar. The groom paced nervously and la Fea and I took a seat up close but not in the section decorated with ribbons since we knew that was for family.

We learned that the time of the ceremony was actually a half hour later than printed on the invitation, since well not to stereotype, but we Latinos are notoriously late.
Fea was irritated. I personally thought it was brilliant even though this was going make the time we had to go back to la Fea's house to change into party wear really tight.

So we sat. We sat behind Bean's co-workers, young attorney's like herself, and they had dates. This peeved Fea and I because they, who knew Bean for much less time than Fea and I had dates and we couldn't????? We vowed to call la Bean out on this at a later date.

We sat behind this hot gringo who works with Bean who I had flirted with and made eyes with at a birthday dance and drink for Bean in the Lower East Side. He's tall dark and handsome, just how I like them. But he also was a punk.

At the party a year ago we kept smiling and making eyes at each other but he wouldn't make a move ( I know I could have made a move but I am old school and anyway like being chased). He even started dancing with another woman he worked with the whole time still eyeing me!!!!! Now when I say he started dancing, I mean he started moving in a way that resembled something like a seizure.

We waited and waited , avoiding turning around in the pew because we didn't want another girl we went to high school with to see us.

Then I saw the bridesmaids beginning to line up.


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