Monday, May 30, 2005

The Party

Everyone knows that the part of a wedding most people care about is the food and the free liquor (or maybe that's only me).

La Fea and I arrived at the reception out in Nassau country thanks to Fea's daddy who drove us. We arrived at the end of the cocktail hour ( an hour after the printed time). This time I cannot completely blame la fea. As the A train broke down and we had to walk to la Fea's house an extra 5 blocks and we were already running late because the mass ran late. Plus when we got to la Fea's house we morphed into stereotypical women unsure of what to wear. I had actually brought two dresses with me awaiting Fea's judgment on which looked best. Fea had no idea what she was going to wear and finally settled on some pants and a shirt that she hated and everyone else loved. Then la fea could only find one shoe. Once the show was found we were off. Fea painted her toenails in the car.

Once we arrived at the just appropriately tacky reception hall, we first entered the employee's entrance before finding the right place to enter.

We greeted everyone and were quickly led up to the reception area.
"What is your table number?" we were asked. We had been in such a rush that we hadn't bothered to check. We were then pulled off to the side, like we were party crashers until we could point our names out on the list. Thankfully we weren't seated with anyone we hated. We were seated with some of Bean's cousins.

We toasted, watched Bean cry during the dance with her dad and showed amazing restraint when the bar opened.

" I have boobs!!!" Bean called to us at one point pointing to her strapless dress. We gave her the thumbs up.

The food was actually fairly good. Thankfully there was a menu explaining what each item was, avoiding problems. But still some of Bean's family still managed to make Fea and I giggle in bitchy ways.
" I can only order one right?" I overheard one woman say.
When the food came, two people next to me didn't eat it. I snuck out for a smoke and Fea pulled me aside.
"They didn't eat the food because they took it to go," Fea told me and shook our heads.

There was no bouquet toss so we were spared from that.

We danced, mostly fea and I danced with each other. We even stood up during the first couple's dance to embarrass la Bean but she was so happy that she encouraged our crazy behavior.

The punk ass cute gringo who can't dance watched me the whole night.

We thought we would have to leave early because Fea's man, who was our ride back had to work the next day and was kind of making a big deal about the whole thing. In the end though we got to stay till the end, midnight on a Sunday.

the happy couple right now are tromping throughout Italy on a two week honeymoon.

When Bean returns all the girls, Bean, Joy, Fea and I will gather at an overpriced lounge in the lower east side, as usual, except one of us will have a ring on her finger.


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