Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pre-Wedding Jitters I

I was nervous about the wedding, and it wasn't even mine!!!
I had been hyping up the wedding to el Cubano as soon as we started dating again, hoping that he would fly in from LA to be my date.
This wasn't just any wedding you see. It was the wedding of the girls from my high school crew.

There are only four of us, who for almost 15 years now have known each other. We were the Latina girls in a small all girl Catholic high school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. While most of our classmates resembled Gossip Girl in terms of income and lifestyle, we did not. So we banded together, sitting at the same table week after week and engaging in antics that made the nuns and faculty love and hate us at the same time.

The Bride, la Bean, was and still is a tiny Dominican girl. So tiny that I could always count on la Fea making more jokes about her lack of an ass and breasts than my own. Sometimes Bean's uniform kilt would get stolen , leaving her to be found in the hallway in just the boxer shorts we were all wearing beneath our uniforms. We played ceelo on the second floor landing of the townhouse turned school on East 68th Street.

la Fea, Bean, and Joy have known each other for what seems like forever, having attended the same day care in Williamsburg back when Williamsburg still had street cred. I met them later. Over the years however, even post high school graduation we have managed to hang out, usually somewhere in the lower east side and are always the loudest group of people wherever we are.

Bean is the first among us to get married ( I have the honor of being the first to be a mami). So this was a big fucking deal among us. Joy, not surprisingly was named the maid of honor. Surprisingly however, Fea and I were not entitled to bring dates with us to the wedding. This caused a little bit of pissyness and resentment on la Fea and my part but in the end we knew that dates or not we were not going to miss la Bean's wedding.

la Fea and I became each other's dates. So much so that we bought a card for the shower together from "one couple to another". Bean and Joy got the joke. Some of Bean's family thought we were disgusting at implying lesbianism.

Without being able to bring dates coupled with the fact that we don't drive left Fea and I wondering how the hell we were going to go to and return from the reception out in Nassau county. Thankfully we worked that out (more on how that worked out later).

We attended the bridal shower, enjoying less than wonderful food and ooohing and ahhing over gifts like a dish rack ( Oooooh a dish rack) and being complete bitches about people not knowing how to order food ( So many complicated words!!).

Some of the joy of the anticipation of the wedding was lost when fea and I learned we couldn't bring dates. Then when we went shopping for the shower gifts at our favorite big box store , we were further disillusioned by our friend's um different tastes in china patterns.

But one of the biggest source of pre-wedding jitters for me wasn't about losing a friend it was about the stuff weddings bring up in me.

More later.......


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