Monday, May 02, 2005

Scratch this off your list

For those of you scrambling to figure out what to get me for my birthday from the list I posted a few days ago, please scratch off the hair cut and dye job at a salon. My mother treated me and I chopped off a whopping 10 inches off my head. I donated my cut off hair for use by cancer patients. Although it kind of creeps me out, the idea of a wig made from my hair. Also I have no idea who would want my hair with all the colors that it is.

If you want to see just how much I cut off scroll down and look to the right side of your screen.

In lieu of a cut and dye job I am asking for a way to make my writing less smart. Well ok I am not asking for that but one of my clients did. I had to do a rewrite for an assignment I did in March because it was "too good". Hmm ok.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Love the cut. It looks great.


5/02/2005 07:32:00 AM  

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