Saturday, June 11, 2005

Macrame Anyone?

According to my 75 year old great-uncle, that is what the residents inside his gated community in Puerto Rico are calling it these days. Sex that is. My tio likes to call it la Autopsia as in " Oye Mingita! Ya hicieron la autopsia?" wink wink.

In Puerto Rico you live in one of four places: in a house in el campo, in a house with gates surrounding it, in a house within a gated community, or in a caserio. When my great aunt died a few years ago from breast cancer that spread and ravaged her, my great uncle moved back to the country he was born in in a house he had planned with my great aunt when she was still alive.

The latest bochinche surrounds the fact that my great uncle has become quite the playboy, throwing parties with many many women. At once such event his sister introduced him to a woman that he has fallen madly in love with. My mother and my aunt are very unhappy about this. They think that the nearly three years that have passed since my great aunt passed are not enough. It is too soon for them. The object of my great uncle's affections also happens to be younger than him, about 20 years younger, younger than both my aunt and my mother.

My mother is quick to write my great uncle off. "He is nothing to me " she says disgusted by his behavior. He was just married to her aunt which is how my mother met his nephew, my father. My great uncle is the only member of my father's family she still speaks to, since it was he and my great aunt who raised my mother when she arrived in NY from Puerto Rico.

This puts me in a strange position. As it is, my great uncle, is also the only member of my father's family that I am speaking to. Last night my great uncle went on and on about the woman he is in love with. How she is smart and likes to do things and doesn't drink because she is a religious woman, oh and she has great tits. That is what my great uncle told me.

He made me promise not to tell my mother or my aunt the details he told me about his "girlfriend". I promised not to.

I didn't ask if they were into macrame.


Blogger RHD said...

I am glad he's found happiness. I hope your family can let him enjoy the rest of his life with this woman who makes him happy, even though she's not your aunt.

6/12/2005 08:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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