Thursday, June 02, 2005

My Newest Love

It's portable and pink and gives me hours of pleasure. If I was Desperate Housewife Eva
Longoria, I may be talking about one of the vibrators a fan sent me (by the way if I do have fans like that, feel free to send me sex toys!!), but I am talking about my iPod mini. I got it as a birthday gift. I am torn between feeling like a complete sell-out by outfitting myself with the oh so obvious white headphones and well just loving it. It has allowed me to play out my dirtiest musical fantasies like listening to Menudo and Alejandro Fernandez back to back. I am going insane making play lists including an English language gym mix and a Spanish language one.

I have always liked listening to music, when on the subway, when walking to the store. It accentuates a mood and makes me feel sexy and puts a little extra shake in my ass when I am strolling through the supermarket.

But then there is the bad side. I have become a snob, wondering how do people still deal with bulky portable cd players and the extra cd's you need to bring, not to mention the extra batteries. I mean those who know me, did I really need another reason for me to be a pretentious bitch?

Sometimes I worry about the rash of iPod swipings that have been reported. Maybe I should change the headphones? Maybe I just shouldn't bring it if I think I'm going to fall asleep on the subway?

What happens when the battery just won't recharge like I heard happens after two years or so?

A poet recently wrote how the iPod is just another device that separates human beings from each other and the world around them. I know specifically I use the iPod just for that purpose, to create and artificial mood or to sustain a mood artificially. I especially do this when I am writing, when I want to tune the real world out and sort of create a soundtrack for myself.

But today as I have been rereading some of my Zen Buddhism book collection , Edwin Torres' words make more sense and sound better than whatever playlists I have downloaded. Just for a little while "Leave your iPod home, become a youPod. Revel in the sound of your breath, bump into people, talk to them, let your ears free."


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