Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Summer Sweat , Sex and Sigh

Two weeks ago it was 10 degrees below average and I was so sick. Now it is 10 degrees above average. The 90's threaten to come and nothing makes me happier. Hot, humid days give me chance to prance around the city in cute clothes, drinking iced coffee. Summer heat makes me feel sexy. Exposed skin, drops of sweat forming between my breasts.

Summer reminds me of the good things about stripping because yes there were good things, like standing out in the alleyway behind the club in your lucite heels, drinking , smoking, laughing with the other dancers.

Summer makes me want to have sex. No. Summer makes me want to fuck.

Some of my best sex was had in the summer heat. Some of my deepest passions opened up and spilled out from me in the summer.El Dominicano, Prince of Bushwick, Francisco de Coronado. Flirtation and foreplay happened in lounges, bars and parks. Then hours of loud animalistic dirty fucking and languid mornings and days afterwards. Open windows let in breezes against our bodies and the smell of freshly cut grass. We also played out our dramas in those hot days. Unwanted pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages, other women, protests and deaths even.

The man I am with now, El Cubano, the only man I want to fuck and flirt with in this summer heat, I met in the middle of a cold winter and we have done most of our fucking and flirting and played out our dramas in the cold , in the rain. It is now, in this, out third try together , our most hopeful and most stable despite thousands of miles and bi-polar episodes, that I have warm memories with him. Nearly seven months ago when I flew to Los Angeles I wore my cute outfits, I exposed skin, I felt sand and sea against me and I had him. We are building now in different seasons and different time zones.


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