Monday, June 27, 2005

Vomita la Nina

Vomita la nina translate roughly from Spanish into English as "blech (the sound one makes when vomiting) the girl). The name was first given to a gringa who went to Chile on the same semester abroad program that I did oh so many years ago. One night I sat in the Plaza Nunoa with a group of friends. There was the Chilean and his sister, the beautiful Argentino trip assistant, the sexy smart dyke, the queer chicano, and the petite blonde freshman gringa. We were drinking schops,draft beer and ponche, wine with fruit. We were all involved in deep drunken conversations about politics, all except for the gringa that is, since her spanish was non-existent. In an instant the gringa's head disappeared under the outdoor table and she vomited all over the shoes of the hot Argentino trip assistant. My Chileno friend and his sister could never remember the name of the gringa so they always just called her, " Vomita la Nina".

Now there was beer and there was wine at the annual flag day bbq aka la Fea's birthday bbq. But none of those things are what turned la fea into the new Vomita la Nina. Blame it on pisco, the Chilean pissy yellow liquor. I warned la Fea to stay away from the pisco. My first few dates with the fermented grape drink weren't too hot. I barely remember vomiting in the bathroom of a strange man in la Serena. I do remember one night in Temuco where the two pension mates and I watched a futbol game with a bottle of pisco and I woke with vomit that wasn't my own in my hair.

But la Fea drank pisco anyway, mixed with Sunny Delight of all things. And sooner rather than later she ended up getting drunk , no doubt sped up by the fact that she had earlier been drinking white wine and rum. Eventually la Fea was led upstairs to her room by her man. That signaled the end of the bbq.

Upstairs she threw up whatever she had eaten.

Vomito la nina


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI: Pisco is actually from Peru.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical of Chileans to come up w/ corny-ass nicknames...

6/27/2005 10:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone beat me too it! [i wanted to comment that Pisco is Peruvian too].

6/28/2005 11:10:00 AM  

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